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There's a reason why it is Jean Schmidt who is a freshman legislator in DC and Danny Bubp is just a freshman legislator in Columbus. Her NY TIMES profile says "she grew up in the rough-and-tumble of a family auto racing business, went through concealed-weapons training, and bears a local nickname seldom applied to shrinking violets: 'Mean Jean.'" And "mean" is a nice way of describing the vicious right-wing partisan backstabber. OK, before I get any further, let me give you the exact quote-- now expunged from the Congressional Record, but caught on video for all to see: "A few minutes ago I received a call from Colonel Danny Bubp, Ohio Representative from the 88th district in the House of Representatives. He asked me to send Congress a message: 'Stay the course.' "He also asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message, that cowards cut and run, Marines never do.'"

Coincidental to San Francisco radio station KGO exposing Mean Jean as a crack whore, Colonel Bubp went public with a bombshell: his fellow far right nutcase, Congresswoman Jean "Mean Jean" Schmidt, was lying; she'd made the whole thing up! (A tangent: paid Republican propagandists Rush Limbaugh and the dumb little nerdy guy on MSNBC with the bowtie both went on the offensive for Mean Jean-- repeating and garnishing her lies and distortions. Although no one is saying whether or not Schmidt and Limbaugh have used illicit drugs together, there is an obvious kinship between the far right OxyContin (aka- hillbilly heroin) addict and the psycho congressional crack whore. And according to Media Matters Limbaugh (and the MSNBC nerd with the bowtie) have been distorting the story to make it seem that Bubp, a Marine reservist, is on active duty in Iraq.)

Anyway, back to the main story-- I mean if you don't know that Limbaugh and the MSNBC bowtie nerd can't open their partisan traps without lying, you're in trouble to begin with-- which is: Mean Jean never even discussed Murtha with Bupb. He admits he called her on the phone Friday but he says they never discussed Murtha and that he would never call a fellow marine a coward. (Murtha, unlike Republican smear-mongers and detractors like Dick "5 deferments/other priorities" Cheney, served with distinction in VietNam and was awarded 3 battlefield medals for bravery.) Meanwhile, Mean Jean, the trained concealed weapons crack whore, went on Cinci radio station WLW and called Bubp a liar: "I was repeating words. I am not going to get into that debate," she hissed threateningly. But this use of surrogates to smear American heroes is not a new tactic for the vile and vitriolic crack whore. She also used a far right naval veteran to attack and smear (aka-"Swift Boating") Marine Colonel Paul Hackett.

Now Burp claims he's an innocent bystander who was being used by the nefarious Mean Jean for her own purposes. "I wish she never used my name," he whined to the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER. But Burp is no innocent in the woods himself. Bubp, a close ally of Schmidt's, has been a low-level right-wing figure in SW Ohio for some time. Far from any Iraqi battlefields Limbaugh or the MSNBC bowtie nerd claimed he was on, Bubp's battle was against the separation of Church and State. Burp's biggest claim to fame before winning a legislative seat in the 88th district was as pro-bono legal counsel for Adams County for the Ten Commandments, an ad-hoc Ohio nut group formed to keep 10 Commandments monuments inappropriately displayed in local public schools. Coming to Burp's aid was a veritable A-list of far right religionist fanatics, the U.S. equivalent of The Taliban: James Dobson, "Rev." Rob Schenck, Don Wildmon, ex-Judge Roy Moore, Jay Sekulow, every Buy Bull-thumpin' Elmer Gantry in the coalition Rove cobbled together to make the simple-minded among us think God hates the poor and meek, and loves the mighty, wealthy and powerful.

After hiding out and cowering in the dark for a day, Mean Jean, actually still hiding and cowering, but with a fax machine by her side, went on the attack back in Ohio. WKRC-TV reports a statement they got from her claiming she accurately relayed her conversation with Bubp-- again, in effect, calling him a liar-- and then blaming the whole brouhaha on "the left" attacking her. (It wasn't "the left" that gave her a choice of retracting her vicious attack on Congressman Murtha or resigning, unless you consider Hastert, DeLay and Blunt "the left" these days.) So the questions remain: will Mean Jean resign? And, more importantly, will Ohio voters get a grip?

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At 1:52 PM, Blogger JoshSN said...

Why would god make you poor if he didn't hate you?


God bless Jean Schmidt, whom he has blessed with such great beauty and grace.

Someone, in the Jean is a Crack Whore post, said something about the media being at fault for the problems here.

In a sense, he is certainly right.

Only stories with national appeal get airtime on the national stations. The state government beat is ignored, and any two bit hack can succeed at that level. And where do the national nitwits come from, if not the state scene?

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Timcanhear said...

Schmidt proves that right wingers can't be trusted with the truth, nor do they KNOW the truth. You'd think before heading to the floor of the house, schmidt would have checked the character of whom she was attacking.
The right wing voters have been fooled by these lying ass antics since rush liebaugh began his hate filled lying ass radio campaign, many years ago. Now we have liebaugh liar wannabe's like michael savage and sean hateity, bill cunningham and the like who think that because they have the gift of gab, no matter what they say, so long as it's compelling, there is the right wing flock there to accept their every word.
And it's true. Right wingers have zero instinct and choose to ignore the truth.
Ohioans sent this disgusting, ignorant hate monger to Washington.
I've got questions for you Ohio, conservative voters.
1. what did you get when you voted bush into office? remember, he promised 'no nation building.'
2. where is the fiscal responsibility you were looking for? this goon has outspent every administration in history.
3. where is that smaller governnment you voted for. We now have the biggest beaurocracy on the planet.
4. where is the move to 'restore integrity' to the oval office? Therre isn't a shred of evidence which suggests ANY TRUTH coming from these lying ass oil thieves.
5. How has your conservative vote been represented in Washington? You got the opposite of whatever you think you voted for. And you keep voting that way, over and again.
Jean Schmidt has instantly become the face of all you conservative voters. Get used to it. It's not a pretty sight and until you wake up, this nightmare is going to continue.

At 4:16 PM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Bupb answered an inquiry from Ohio blogger, Word of Mouth reiterating that Mean Jean made up the quote she attributed to him on the floor of the House about Congressman Murtha:

Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding the comments made by Congresswoman Jean Schmidt on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. Your concerns are important to me and, if I may, I would like to clarify the matter.

My conversation with Congresswoman Schmidt was based entirely on the resolution to immediately withdraw our troops from Iraq. I had serious concerns with the resolution and, as both a marine and as a constituent myself, I felt compelled to share with her my perspective on the issue.

Let me be clear, the comments and concerns I shared with Congresswoman Schmidt were based strictly on the proposal. We never discussed anyone by name and there was no intent to disparage the congressman or his distinguished record of service for our nation.

I hope this information is helpful in clarifying the matter.


State Representative Danny R. Bubp
88th Ohio House District

Did you ever ask yourself why the stinking chicken hawks like Bush and Cheney and Limbaugh, Mean Jean, and O'Liely... you know, the whole bloodthirsty rotten crew, always have to disparage the service and sacrifice of real Americans like John Kerry, Paul Hackett, John McCain, John Murtha?


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