Wednesday, October 12, 2005



This past weekend there was a shindig in Mullet, California for L.A. Area bloggers. It was hosted by Bryan Linse of Ain't No Bad Dude ( and my old Bay Area punk rock campadre, Jane Hampsher of Firedoglake ( I had no idea there were so many dedicated people blogging away about progressive politics right here in L.A. It was great to meet John, the visionary behind Crooks & Liars, and to get turned on to all these cool new blogs. One I've already been having fun with today is AgitProp ( where there's this cool game you can play writing Fox "News" headlines from any time in history (examples: "CRUCIFICTION UNSUCCESSFUL; CHRIST IN PERSISTENT VEGETATIVE STATE," "NEW WORLD - SAVAGES TO GREET NEW SETTLERS IN ROANOKE COLONY AS LIBERATORS," "ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: RIEFENSTIAL'S "TRIUMPH OF THE WILL" A DELIGHTFUL FAMILY FILM," "GOEBBELS: 'ELEANOR ROOSEVELT IS A CLOWN' AND THE ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT 'DOESN'T EXIST,'" "THE SOFTER SIDE OF DER FUHRER: THE COMPASSIONATE VEGATARIAN. TONIGHT ON THE NO SPIN ZONE"... You get the picture. Go over and join the fun.

Meanwhile, I was mesmerized by some of the really smart people and their amazing theories about what's going on behind the headlines. Jane's analysis on Treasongate was particularly fascinating and enthralling. If I could rememeber all the in's and out's I'd share them but one of the other really smart guys who I met there, Mark Kleiman, already posted Jane's theories on his blog. Worth checking out at Mark A.R. (

There's this whole new world out there. I even figured out-- or someone figured out for me-- the difference between Atrios and Kos and Eschaton. I mean I thought they were all the same thing. I hope I still have time for writing with all the daily reading I have to do!


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