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I want you to read over this voting record of a Los Angeles suburban congressman. In 1996 he voted for the Defense of Marriage Act and opposed the Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS program. In 1997 he opposed the Hate Crimes Prevention Act and voted against increases in state AIDS Drug Assistance Programs. 1998 was a big year. He voted to prohibit gays and lesbians in the District of Columbia from adopting children and opposed restoration of funding to the Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS program. In 1999 he voted against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (again). In 2001 he supported legislation allowing federally funded charities to discriminate against gays and lesbians, despite local laws. And this year he voted for the Marriage Protect Act. Oh, and last week he voted against an amendment to the Hate Crimes Prevention Act by Congressman John Conyers that added "sexual orientation" to the bill. 30 Republicans joined Democrats to pass the amendment. But DeLay and the most hard right homophobic Republicans, including the suburbanite from Southern California voted against it. In fact, he votes against virtually every bill that comes up that could be considered "pro-gay." And what he does is important because he's the Chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee (since 1999). Oh, and it's also important because he's a flamboyant homosexual-- flamboyant in an in-the-closet Republican way. You know, over-paying his live-in lover (with taxpayer dollars) and taking exotic vacations with him to the kinds of places lovers love to love (Italia, Espana, Sri Lanka, even the most au courant gay in-crowd hang outs for jet-setters, Iceland and Micronseia-- again all courtsey of the taxpayers. In fact the two love-birds have been to at least 25 countries together, not counting Mexico or Canada, in the last 3 years. Hey, that's more than me!) And the lover is the chief of his staff! And at $156,600 (about what Karl Rove and Andy Card make) I bet his does a great job on his staff!

So who's this gay bashing gay caballero? David Dreier from the San Gabriel Valley, northeast of L.A. Dreier's 26th Congressional District, brimming over with wealthy suburbs, looks like it was tailor-made for a Republican-- and it was. Towns like San Marino, La Cresecenta, La Canada, Altadena, Arcadia, Monrovia, Glendora, La Verne, San Dimas, Claremont, Upland, Montclair and Rancho Cucamonga are
pretty friendly territory for conservatives. Still the 2004 election was a close call for Dreier. In fact it was the closest call for any California incumbant of either party. Against an unknown, under-financed lesbian Democrat, Dreier garnered only 53.7% of the vote, the lowest of any incumbant and tied for the smallest victory in the state (with Jim Costa, a Democrat winning an open seat).

Good thing the local papers (Pasadena Star-News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune and the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin)-- all owned by Texas right wing loon/publisher Dean Singleton (Media News Group)-- NEVER mention that the gay-bashing congressman is gay. And, despite L.A. papers and radio stations talking about it openly, the papers in the district have a STRICT code of silence. Reporters have been told that mentioning it means immediate dismissal. And with the local papers protecting his little secret, Dreier has amassed an antigay voting record so solid that it has helped insure him an approval rating from the Christian Coalition above 90%-- despite the fact that he admits being a "Christian Scientist," considered to be a cult by the Christian Coalition. Not everyone on the Far Right has been as mum as the media monopoly that Singleton operates. No less a right wing elitist than old Barbara Bush herself turned out to be sceptical of Dreier's make-believe heterosexuality, complaining to friends that when he dated her daughter Doro for a year, Doro couldn't ever get any action. "He (Dreier) never laid a hand on her,” the vicious old bitch complained to a friend at Camp David while her husband was still president.

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