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Why It's A Complete Waste Of Money For Democrats To Advertise On Fox News


I started my university career studying history, a topic that fascinated me for my whole life. But maybe I'm wrong about Trump, who I'm absolutely certain in the very worst president-- if he even is a legitimate president-- in U.S. history. Yes, he's worse than Nixon or George W. Bush or Reagan and worse than Warren G. Harding, worse than Tyler, Pierce or William Henry Harrison, worse than Buchanan and worse than Andrew Johnson. Fox viewers disagree. A poll shows that 78% of the Republican Fox viewers say Trump is the best president ever-- not just better than Obama, better than FDR, George Washington and Abe Lincoln! Is it an alternative reality or have I been too poisoned with Trump-phobia to see clearly? I asked Twitter. The immediate response (from my followers): they think he sucks too:

The poll of Fox viewers exposes "the deep ideological divide between Fox News viewers and everyone else." It appears hopeless to try to dissuade these people, doesn't it? "The survey’s authors argue that the network presents an 'alternate reality' in American politics, and plays an 'outsized role in the way many experience and form opinions on the most important issues facing the country.' The data show numerous ways in which Fox News-watching Republicans have radically different beliefs from non-Republicans and even Republicans who do not watch Fox News.

In many cases, Fox News-viewing Republicans are vastly different from other Americans, even from other Republicans. So when it comes to Republicans inside the FoxHole, the prospects for making progressive arguments credibly are slim. Consider the following:
12% of those in the FoxHole believe climate change is mostly caused by humans, compared to 62% of all other Americans
77% are very concerned about the Democratic Party moving in too socialist a direction, compared to 20% of all others
89% express support for the Republican tax law, compared to 22% of all others
84% support President Trump declaring a national emergency to start building a border wall, compared to 21% of all others
20% support the Special Counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, compared to 67% of all others
78% believe the Trump administration has accomplished more than any administration in history, compared to 17% of all others

How does all that crazy manifest itself? The pollsters also discovered that 95% of Republican Fox viewers voted for a Republican in the midterms last year. Only 88% of Republicans who do not watch Fox did. (About 15% of Fox viewers do not identify themselves as Republicans.) And among Fox viewers who are not Republicans, just 18% voted for a Republican. Among normal people-- those who are neither Republicans, nor Fox viewers, just 8% voted for a Republican running for Congress in 2018.
One of the most telling differences between those inside the FoxHole and the rest of the country isn’t even about opinion, but instead awareness of certain issues. Americans in the FoxHole are fed a steady media diet of content focused on opposing progressive policies and ideas, and as a consequence, they are highly aware of these ideas – sometimes even more than progressives themselves – resulting in a much faster calcification of opinion among conservatives that drives overall ratings for the policies in a negative direction.

For example, this edition of Navigator asked Americans how much they had heard about the “Green New Deal,” a proposal to address climate change. Americans in the FoxHole are more than twice as likely than all other groups to be hearing “some” or “a lot” about the proposal (69% in the FoxHole versus 32% among everyone else, including just 33% among all Democrats). When evaluating national polling about progressive items like the Green New Deal, it should be acknowledged that opinion can often be driven by this highly aware, but relatively narrow slice of Fox News-watching Republicans.

One crucial difference between the two more persuadable groups, or the two halves of the “Media Middle,” is how each one can be reached through non-Fox media. Fox News viewers who are not Republicans tend to also watch other cable news sources, such as CNN or MSNBC, with some regularity, giving progressives an opportunity to reach them with their message. Republicans who are not Fox News viewers, on the other hand, tend to be divorced not just from the Fox News echo chamber, but divorced from all cable news, largely getting their news from national broadcast, local TV, or online news sources instead. In other words: the non-Republicans can still be reached via other cable channels, but Republicans outside the FoxHole require a different approach.

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At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's A Complete Waste Of Money For Democrats To Advertise On Any Corporate Media.

Hillary spent WAAAAY more on advertising then Trump did, yet Trump more than made up the difference with all of the free coverage his juvenile antics enticed out of the media. ALL of that money Hillary spent was thus wasted. It didn't get her elected.

Increasingly, the social media is where the action is headed. Even in my own life, I find that NOT having a cell phone is beginning to cause me problems. I have had to recently look into mass texting, and it's ridiculously cheap compared to television. It is the ONLY way I am going to reach some people I need to communicate with.

If social media was why the alleged Russian meddling was so successful, why are things not headed that way with our own politicians?

It's because they are too stuck in their ways and demanding that the future be theirs to control when they have little influence -and almost no power- to direct it.

At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the reasons that democraps cannot win elections except in massive anti-red cycles is because they spend money stupidly AND (referencing another posting above) nearly always have shit for candidates. Sentient and lucid human beings cannot get excited about voting for corrupt, lying corporate whores.

Again, statistics prove that americans on the right are pure evil. The problem isn't that fox makes anyone that stupid and evil; the problem is that there are so fucking many irretrievably stupid and evil white morons that fox can thrive via high ratings.

Similarly, those on the left are irretrievably stupid, proving so each and every election by supporting candidates and a PARTY that has not served any of their needs for nearly 4 decades.

this cluster fuck of a shithole *IS* because its a voting population of irregrievably stupid people, and about half of those are pure evil.

Not a recipe for a long and happy future.

The Nazis on the right cannot be fixed. Their stupid and evil reinforce each other in a resonant cycle. They cannot be redeemed.

The intellectually dormant on the left MIGHT be redeemed... but not by the existing media nor their PARTY as that would be self-defeating.

I only hope climate change kills us all soon to put us out of our misery.

At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our history is peppered with really terrible presidents. But until 1980 we always had a congress to do its job and temper the worst impulses of the shitty prez.

Since 1980 we've had a nearly unbroken series of progressively worse terrible presidents. The difference from our past has been a nearly unbroken string of equally horrible congresses which enable the ever-worsening presidents' worst impulses. BTW: the exception is HW who, as president, wasn't as bad as Reagan nor anyone after. Bad still, just not AS bad.

It was delusional to mention obamanation in the same sentence as one of the possibly best along with FDR and Lincoln. I will argue to my grave that obamanation was our worst ever democrap prez and probably our second worst overall. But it took the Pelosi/reid congress to enable and affirm his 'worstness'. Had the Pelosi/reid congress truly addressed the cheney crimes, the crash and health care (prosecuting torture, reinstating glass-steagall AND passing MFA), he probably would have signed them... but neither he nor they ever tried to do that.

trump is not yet our worst prez... or I should say we just haven't yet fully realized the effects of his admin. If his tax cut (one so far) result in another crash or if his inaction results in a NK nuke attack or he actually starts more wars... we'll know he's the worst. But so far, he's still just ahead of harding, hoover, Andrew Johnson and maybe a couple others mentioned. And I'd even include obamanation as being worse. If obamanation and that democrap congress had acted upon that wide and deep electoral mandate, there would be no trump. obamanation created trump in the same way cheney (and obamanation) created ISIS.


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