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Committee Assignments Announced... Pelosi Finally Unveiled


That's part of a press release Pelosi's office sent me Wednesday evening. It also has the new appointees for Ways and Means:
Congressman Don Beyer of Virginia
Congressman Brendan Boyle of Pennsylvania
Congressman Dwight Evans of Pennsylvania
Congressman Steven Horsford of Nevada
Congressman Dan Kildee of Michigan
Congresswoman Gwen Moore of Wisconsin
Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy of Florida
Congressman Jimmy Panetta of California
Congressman Brad Schneider of Illinois
Congressman Tom Suozzi of New York
The Congressional Progressive Caucus made a deal with Pelosi. One crucial component was that she would guarantee the CPC 40% of the seats on crucial committees like the 3 above. Last week I mentioned that there was a potential problem with the deal. Not everyone in the Congressional Progressive Caucus is actually progressive. CPC co-chair, Mark Pocan, has made membership a farce by selling ($5,000 annual dues) them to "moderate" congressmembers who need cover-- protection from progressive activists-- back in home. I immediately guessed that Pelosi would appoint all the rubbish in the caucus to the committees and say, "see I upheld my end of the bargain." There are at least 13 members of the CPC who are also New Dems (Wall Street shills-- and unless you want to define "progressive" as, basically, being pro-choice, not racist and not homophobic these are not progressives.

There are 26 members named to these 3 key committees. The only freshmen were former members Ed Case, one of the most conservative members of Congress, Ann Kirkpatrick, another right-of-center member, and Steven Horsford, a garden variety Democrat. Let's start by showing each member's ProgressivePunch score. The bolded named are CPC members:
Cheri Bustos (Blue Dog, just switched to New Dem-IL)- F
Ed Case (Blue Dog-HI)- F
Charlie Crist (Blue Dog-FL)- F
Lois Frankel (FL)- C
Ann Kirkpatrick (New Dem-AZ)- F
Brenda Lawrence (New Dem-MI)- B
Norma Torres (New Dem-CA)- F
Bonnie Watson-Coleman (NJ)- A

Nanette Barragán (CA)- B
Lisa Blunt Rochester (New Dem-DE)- F
Robin Kelly (IL)- B
Ann Kuster (New Dem-NH)- F
Donald McEachin (New Dem-VA)- D
Tom O’Halleran (Blue Dog-AZ)- F
Darren Soto (New Dem-FL)- F
Marc Veasey (New Dem-TX)- F

Don Beyer (New Dem-VA)- D
Brendan Boyle (New Dem-PA)- F
Dwight Evans (PA)- B
Steven Horsford (NV)- F
Dan Kildee (MI)- A
Gwen Moore (WI)- A
Stephanie Murphy (Blue Dog-FL)- F
Jimmy Panetta (CA)- F
Brad Schneider (Blue Dog-IL)- F
Tom Suozzi (New Dem-NY)- F
Just over a month ago, in a post called The Battle For Plum Committee Positions Begins-- Alexandria Ocasio v Tom Suozzi, we mentioned that progressives Ro Khanna and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were trying to get appointed to the House Ways and Means Committee, "whose jurisdiction over taxes and revenue puts most of the economy within its mandate." By tradition, one seat is guaranteed to New York and in the last Congress that was Joe Crowley's. Although Ocasio-Cortez defeated Crowley, the committee seat went to the far more conservative Long Islander, Tom Suozzi. As Ryan From wrote for The Intercept, "Any major piece of legislation-- whether it’s Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, or free public college-- would involve some level of revenue, putting it squarely in the domain of Ways and Means, which makes it a key spot for a legislator looking to have an impact. Ocasio-Cortez is routinely asked how she plans to pay for her aggressive economic agenda, and the first answer begins with securing a spot on the House’s key tax-writing committee."

Traditionally, the seat is sought after for its fundraising potential, as every industry in the country is concerned with federal tax policy, meaning that members of the committee are more likely to get their fundraising calls returned. That makes the decision of who to give the seat to a tricky one for incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has the final say on committee assignments. Placing a lawmaker who refuses corporate PAC contributions on the Ways and Means Committee could be seen by some elements of the party as leaving money on the table.

But giving it to the other New York applicant presents its own problems. Ocasio-Cortez is competing with Rep. Tom Suozzi, who represents the North Shore of Long Island, a district not far from Ocasio-Cortez’s Bronx and Queens-- but a world away in terms of wealth and privilege. He would no doubt make efficient fundraising use of the seat, but he also took part in a recent assault on Pelosi’s power as speaker.

The contrast between how Ocasio-Cortez and Suozzi have approached the incoming Congress has been stark. Ocasio-Cortez began by joining a sit-in at Pelosi’s office to demand an empowered select committee to focus on legislating a Green New Deal. It was a risky move, but one that ended with Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez praising one another, and the issue of climate change was elevated on the agenda. Ocasio-Cortez then threw her support behind an embattled Pelosi for speaker of the House.

Pelosi’s bid for speakership was threatened by the so-called Problem Solvers Caucus, a group of lawmakers funded by the dark-money group No Labels, which threatened to withhold voting for Pelosi unless she agreed to a suite of rule changes that would largely empower Republicans. Suozzi was one of the nine signatories on that letter. Pelosi ultimately ceded to some of their demands.

Suozzi is a vice chair of the Problem Solvers Caucus, as well as a member of the New Democrat Coalition, a bloc of Wall Street-friendly Democrats that dramatically expanded its membership with the 2018 elections.

...Ocasio-Cortez’s decision to go after a spot on the Ways and Means Committee is part of a broader strategy to grow progressive power in the coming Congress. It began with Congressional Progressive Caucus leaders Mark Pocan of Wisconsin and Pramila Jayapal of Washington state extracting a major concession from Pelosi, that in exchange for CPC votes, she would give the caucus proportional representation-- which amounts to 40 percent-- on the most powerful committees, which includes Ways and Means.
So... long story short: this is the worst I ever saw Pelosi screw progressives-- not Pocan's transactional definition, but actual progressives... in her entire congressional tenure. Anyone who ever doubted which side she's on can now set those doubts to rest for all time. Let me a dd a caveat; the deal, apparently, was that 40% of the entire membership of each committee would be from the CPC. So, technically, the deal wasn't broken. But that still, for example, leaves the Appropriations Committee with 11 actual economic progressives,  13 anti-progressives and 6 floating in the middle. The committee can easily be swayed in whatever they want to do by arch bankster-buddies Debbie Wasserman Schultz ($2,485,907), Henry Cuellar ($1,499,463), Ann Kirkpatrick ($1,615,753), Norma Torres ($177,560), Cheri Bustos ($1,097,471), Pete Aguilar ($965,965), Mike Quigley ($1,019,844), Sanford Bishop ($1,223,847), Ed Case ($539,917), Charlie Crist ($3,165,972) and Pete Visclosky ($704,795). I might add that committee chair, Nita Lowey has taken $5,244,643 from the Finance Sector.

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At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pocan seems either an idiot or a fraud. Who make him the leader? Unless Bernie wins the Democrats will lose the majority by 2023.

At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can Pelosi be removed from being speaker?

At 4:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing to watch for now is how Pelosi rewards Pocan for his betrayal.

Ready for a third party yet?

At 6:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How long have I been reminding you all about Pelosi?

"Anyone who ever doubted which side she's on can now set those doubts to rest for all time."

Anyone who still HAD doubts is too stupid to be allowed to vote in a democracy. She's been doing this shit forever. wake the fuck up!

look, DWT just put the last nail in the coffin. There are so many nails in that coffin, the weight of the steel nails is far greater than the weight of the wood plus the corrupt feckless worthless fetid rotting corpse of the democratic party.

But democrap voters and DWT still refuse to bury it. They all carry it around and prop it up, 'Weekend at Bernie's' style. "Hold your nose and vote (for any blue)" knowing that Pelosi is the party's sole despot and she will always do this. When Pelosi dies, hoyer will probably be even worse.

wake the fuck up people!!

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

coupla things that I should never have had to point out:

1) no we cannot remove Pelosi. we elected a whole slate of new democraps just so she could be speaker again. I've warned all you morons that this is what you were doing and you elected all those goddamn democraps anyway. DWT told you to and you did. Look at what it got you all... just like I've been saying. I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!!!

2) pocan is a DWT hero. if you are suddenly realizing that he's one of the sheepdogs; that he's NOT a progressive; that he's a liar and a cheat; that he's part of the problem and not part of any solution... in a famous movie quote: "WELCOME TO THE PARTY, PAL"!!!

3) DWT can write these truths about pocan (there's nothing new here at all), but very soon DWT will also list pocan as one of the good guys... a true progressive... in the same sentence as AOC, Bernie, Elizabeth and Ro.

4) as you morons read DWT's listing of pocan with the other 'heroes', you'll all instantly forget what was written here and will categorize him along with your own heroes.

And THAT is why this is a cluster fuck of a shithole swirling the bowl.


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