Wednesday, July 18, 2018

You Think Republicans Are The Only Bad Guys? The Rhode Island Democratic Party Isn't Any Better-- An Insider's Guest Post


Lauren and... a familiar looking guy

by Lauren Niedel-Gresh

Earlier this month DWT reported about the systemic shenanigans in the Rhode Island Democratic Party endorsement process. Three completely inappropriate and vile men were endorsed over 3 progressive women and one anti-choice woman is being endorsed over a progressive pro-choice woman of color who is currently a sitting Representative.

Two of those endorsements have been rescinded (after I, a sitting member of the RI Democratic State Committee, was told that would be impossible by Executive Director Kevin Olasanoyer). The two that have been rescinded were Michael Earnheart a Trump-voting Republican who switched to Democrat just three months ago, and another candidate, Greg Arciado, who has a criminal past.
“Acciardo was convicted in 1994 of vehicular manslaughter after he hit a 62-year-old woman. He’s also been arrested twice for driving under the influence and has been accused of domestic assault.”
This whole debacle caused a major rift within the party. Progressives and many moderate democrats were outraged over the lack of respect for first term women who have done a fabulous job representing their districts. The committees that made these endorsements were stacked with Conservative Democrats who are anti-choice and pro-gun… But hey open up the tent to more republicans because that is what the RI Democratic Party really needs.

But wait, it gets better. There were two Town Committee signing parties that would not even let Un-endorsed candidates in. These towns had many progressives challenging endorsed candidates. These signing parties are for the specific purpose of making sure candidates get enough valid signatures to get on the ballot. In RI that is anywhere from 50 - 1000 for those running for Senate. Excluding these male and female candidates including unendorsed sitting Senator Jeanine Calkin was an outrageous act of cowardice and completely undemocratic.

Rhode Island is known as a “BLUE STATE” throughout the country. All of our elected officials in Congress and Statewide are Democrats. We have Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Representative David Cicilline, and we have Hillary wannabe Gina Raimondo as Governor.

In 2016 Bernie won RI with an astounding FU to the RI Democratic establishment beating Clinton 55% to 43% in the Presidential Primary. As a Bernie Sanders delegate and state contact for the Sanders 2016 campaign I can tell you first hand the powers to be were pissed! Of course all 9 Superdelegates voted for Clinton-- so our grassroots effort was hijacked by the party. We as progressives want to put that aside. But the right wing male Democrats who control the party are doing everything possible to keep progressives out. The divide and conquer message is alive and well and continues to show its ugly head in the biggest little state in the union.

Lauren Niedel-Gresh is a sitting member of the Rhode Island Democratic State Committee and is running for re-election. In addition, she is running for State Representative in District 40. You can donate to her campaign via ActBlue

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At 6:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aha... but they are still a tiny bit better than the Nazis in RI. So they MUST BE SUPPORTED.

No way we'll ever get better, so we MUST GET WORSE A LITTLE SLOWER!


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