Saturday, July 14, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

It's True! Pigs Can Fly!

Mitch McConnell's favorite president has taken London by storm, and not in a good way. As if it was ever in doubt, Donald J for Jackass Trump has cemented his reputation as an international embarrassment to all of humanity.

English Prime Minister Theresa May's biggest mistake in welcoming Trump to England was in welcoming him when it was clear that so many other people in her country knew exactly what Trump is and made their feelings clear about allowing a Trump visit. London's Mayor Sadiq Khan was one. Perhaps she thought that being nice and diplomatic was the way to go. That is her training. No doubt her being a professional politician led her to erroneously believe that being diplomatic when she decided to welcome him with open arms was the way to go. If so, her nature blinded her to the fact that Trump is a rabid fascist animal who would never return the favor of being courteous. In an interview with Rupert Murdoch's Sun "newspaper" (to use the term loosely), Trump didn't just toss her under a bus, he threw her in front of one, stabbing at her in every which way before he did so while he promoted her opponents. Imagine how ballistic Trump would be if May came to the U.S. and attacked her while extolling the virtues of Elizabeth Warren.

May was as naive as those who thought and publicly said that no one would ever fly an airliner into a skyscraper. Well, live and learn. When May welcomed in Trump and his puss-infused White House entourage, she might as well have welcomed in a chain of bubonic plague infested rats from the 16th century. Lay down with fleas and you get fleas. Period.

As for Trump, he probably thought he was going there to meet English hardcore porn star Teresa May. There's only one letter different in the surname and Trump can't spell so it wouldn't surprise anybody. In the past, official White House documents have even confused the two women, spelling the PM's name without the 'h'. Would it surprise anyone it Trump was expecting to get a London golden shower?

Also in the Sun interview, Trump insanely stated that he has tripled America's GDP and that he's getting better polling numbers than Lincoln did; never mind that the were no real polls until the 1930s, 70+ years after Lincoln. It's all part of the usual Republican fascist goon tactic of pushing the biggest lies possible. Hey, it worked for their Nazi idols and role models. Next thing we will hear is that Trump "got big crowds" and his visit is "got high ratings." Well, he did as TV coverage of tens of thousands of protestors who protested against his very existence took to the English streets. Ratings? That too. It was all broadcast was broadcast around the world, except on FOX "News" of course. One English artist even managed a bit of crop circle art that Trump could view on his route to a later tea with the Queen. Translated from the Russian, it basically says Fuck Trump.

The news of the interview broke as the sooo classy Trump was attending a lavish dinner party hosted by Ms. May. If I had been the one hosting the dinner, I would have instantly taken his dinner away from him or thrown it at him and his whole repugnant White House entourage and had the best of Britain's security forces escort him out of the country. But no, the English being who they are, they arranged for Trump to have the aforemetnioned tea with their Queen. I'd love to hear that small talk; even better if the inbreeding poster boy Prince Phillip joined in. That would be a classic meeting of dotards!

Perhaps the least surprising item from the Trump interview was his charge that England is sadly changing its culture by allowing immigration ie. code for the desire to preserve white supremacy. In any event, Trump now says says the interview story is "fake news" (even though it was in a Rupert Murdoch paper). He made the additional statement that he hoped the interview was recorded so it would back up his "fake news" claim. Little did he know that people were already hearing the tape on the media of their choice; every one of them broadcasting "fake news" I suppose. Oh, and the Trump baby balloon flying above Parliament made him feel unwelcome. Fuck you Trump. Poor baby! You're lucky we don't just put you in a cage, ideally with a bunch of angry teenage Central Americans.

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At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's nice to see white people who can make clever signs with no spelling mistakes.

It's nicer to see white people who actually get outraged by pure evil.

Not in THIS shithole, of course... but at least somewhere there exists actually sentient white people.

I doff my dunce cap.


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