Saturday, June 23, 2018

Republican Trump Enablers Getting Kicked Out Of Restaurants


Hitler thought it up but he could never have done it on his own. He needed enablers and rubber stamps. Same with Trump, of course. So far, as far as we know, only 3 of Trump's henchmen-- Stephen Miller, Kirstjen Nielsen and Sarah Huckabee Sanders-- have been publicly humiliated and thrown out of restaurants.

A couple of days ago, Ben Fearnow, writing for Newsweek reported that Trump's immigration policy architect Stephen Miller was "heckled and called a “fascist” by patrons at a Mexican restaurant in Washington."
Two days before Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was ridiculed by protestors at MXDC Cocina Mexicana, Miller was approached by customers asking if the “real-life fascist” would beg for money for “new cages.” The “zero tolerance” immigration hard-liner had the Espita Mezcaleria encounter Sunday amid intense backlash against a now-reversed policy to separate migrant children from their families. Both Nielsen and Miller’s Mexican restaurant incidents have prompted a deluge of self-proclaimed supporters of President Donald Trump to hit both D.C. establishments with one-star reviews and nasty comments.

...Miller, who was previously communications director for then-Senator Jeff Sessions, called the Trump administration’s policy to separate children from parents who illegally cross the U.S. border a “simple decision,” the New York Times reported. Miller’s vocal and unequivocal stance on immigration culminated with a Wednesday story from the Splinter News website that revealed his cell phone number that caused the publication to be banned briefly from Twitter.

DHS Secretary Nielsen’s Mexican restaurant run-in at DXDC Cocina Mexicana Tuesday evening saw patrons and protesters shouting “shame” and “end Texas concentration camps” as she dined at the D.C. establishment. A barrage of negative, one-star reviews have since littered DXDC Cocina Mexicana’s Google, Yelp and other online review pages for allowing the “leftist anarchists” to disrupt Nielsen’s dinner.
Huckabee's daughter tweeted early this morning that the owner of the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia kicked her out of his restaurant Friday night. According to the owner, she was kicked out on moral grounds (and after the staff voted to do so)-- the exact right reason she should have been! We need a lot more of that from courageous American patriots.

I remember years and years ago I was sitting and having dinner when an old friend and his friends walked in and sat down at a table near ours. In a few minutes he noticed another table with 3 gay guys and bigoted Republican hypocrite Ann Coulter. My friend started exploding at her, loudly and very pointedly. I can't remember if he left (I don't think so) or she left (I do think so). It was a gay restaurant in WEHO. He's a deputy mayor of Los Angeles now.

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At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought MAnn Coulter was a Used-ta-be. What has she done to revitalize her standing with the corporatist fascists? Whatever it is, she must be giving it away because no one would pay her for it.


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