Friday, June 08, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Rest assured, I don't see SeƱor Trumpanzee being put in a situation where he'd actually be about to be put in jail. That's not how Washington works. We can see that right now in how Congress has abdicated it's responsibility to the country and the Constitution and all but ignored the very real and present danger that Trump represents. The situation depicted in tonight's meme is just a dream, a great dream, one that I wish would come true, especially as a cursor to a hanging, but a only a dream nonetheless.

Nixon got off and his plumbers and other gang members got sentenced to what amounted to absurdly short sentences at tennis camps, so there's no reason to expect anything different this time, even though our country's current predicament is, truly, worse than Watergate. Just as one example of Washington leniency; one of Nixon's crooks, Egil Krogh, is even now Senior Fellow on Ethics and Leadership at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress. That's what those who infest Washington think of ethics. Krogh is also Counselor to the Director at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership. Ethics, that's right, ethics. Talk about post-prison job placement! Washington might as well put "Land Of The Sickest Jokes" right on its license plates. Krogh has even co-written a book with the ultra-ironic title of Integrity. This is how it is in Washington. Just as Los Angeles attracts those who long to make it in the movie industry, Washington attracts those who long to make it in the sleaze and corruption industry. That doesn't mean sleaze and corruption only exist in Washington. It just means that that is the city you go to if you want to be the top of your chosen field. You know, like Donald Trump. Trump didn't go to drain the swamp. He went to Washington to be the slimiest swamp thing the city has every seen.

Just the same, I would love it if Trump got told that he was going to jail and there would be no bail. I'd love it, too, if he was to be pelted with garbage and hosed with raw, steaming sewage as halftime entertainment at next year's Super Bowl, but, neither scenario is gonna happen. So, we're left with reality and that reality, the environment of Washington, DC, is so warped that a grotesque, diseased little man thinks he is entitled to a Nobel Peace Prize for talking to a nation we are not at war with.

If Mr. Orange Spray Tan really covets an award, maybe we should just get him one of those generic participation trophies and let him prattle on about how he was the only president to ever get one, and tell us on a daily basis that it's a tremendous award and how Obama doesn't have one, even though Obama does have a Nobel Peace Prize, which is why Trump is so obsessed with getting a Nobel in the first place.

You know that if Trump ever got a Nobel, he'd have new "Nobel Winner" hats for sale, and replica Nobel medals (oversized). He would also insist on being introduced as "Nobel-winner Donald Trump" and he'd wear that medal 24 hours a day, even flaunting it in front of his friend Putin, until Putin told him to take it off. Still, until the Nobel Committee creates an award for a sub category of the Nobel Prize for fiction called the Nobel Prize for Wacko Conspiracies, Donnie won't deserve a Nobel.

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At 5:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After Kissinger and Obama were awarded Nobels, how can anyone take that seriously? It's become a way for the global elite to reward their favorite stooges for performing in an entertaining way while not really affecting The Way Things Are.

At 5:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

His odds for a Nobel are probably a million times better than his odds to be indicted for anything at all.

That's how shitholes work.


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