Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

The Trump administration has introduced us to yet another name and face for evil. That name and face is the name and face of Kirstjen Nielsen. Nielsen is Herr Trump's Chief of Homeland Security, or "die Homeland" as they probably call it in the White House. When asked by the White House press corps why we were only seeing film and photos of male refugees in cages, she acted, and I mean acted, in her ice cold nazi-like contempt, like it was news to her. She even claimed that she didn't know what photos reporters were talking about even though they've been running like a loop on TV (Well, maybe not Rupert Murdoch's Republican channel or Alex Jones). She played her own loop of evilly disingenuous, smart ass word games about not knowing about the photos; "Photos? What photos? She took the attitude that she didn't understand what the fuss was about when reporters wanted to know the whereabouts of toddlers and young girls stolen from their parents by the Trump jackboots, the same jackboots that laugh and make jokes about the cries and terror of their captives. Either Nielsen doesn't care or she knows perfectly damn well what's happening with those kids in her Kiddie Internment Camps.

Kirstjen Nielsen. Remember that name. It's the kind of name that Republicans prefer our immigrants to have. Names don't get any whiter than that, but that's why she's got the job she has. You could look at her contempt for anyone who wanted to know the additional horrible details and see the result of decades of republican wet dreaming. Just how much further will they go, and how much further will we enable them, and their kind, to go?

When it comes to Kirstjen Nielsen, you could say, "Meet the new Sarah Huckabee Sanders." The job position is different but whereas Sanders only went as far as displaying the complete lack of empathy of an Ayn Randian psychopath, i.e. the apple of the eye of the current Republican Speaker of the House, Nielsen was put before the press and the nation Monday to take the White House theme of depraved indifference yet another step further into outright evil. Imagine being in charge of knowing where the babies and young girls are and how or if they are being properly cared for, and not even caring enough to know the details. If she does know, then that is even more evil. Either way, there's that contempt of that not caring and then going out before the entire world and just cavalierly saying you don't know, or, basically say "Is there a problem?" Some terrorists hide behind a mask. Some hide behind their smirk.

The press doesn't get off easy either. Yes, I'm glad that they are asking the questions about the whereabouts of the stolen children, but the reason we are only seeing pictures of the young males is beyond obvious. It's a marketing ploy and the press needs need to shout that fact from the rooftops. It's the kind of marketing ploy that Republicans are so extraordinarily adept at: marketing fear, not the fears of the children and their parents but the fears of reptilian Republican voters. The reason we are only seeing pictures of young males, some who look as old as 18 or 19 is that it plays into the Trumpist narrative that all young males of color are gang members, MS-13 and all that. It's the Republican politics of fear being played to the hilt as they use children as pawns and bargaining chips in furtherance of their white supremacist agenda. Stephen Miller, John Kelly, Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump. Add Kirstjen Nielsen to that list of racist horror. Add Kellyanne Conway who just defended their actions in the name of Catholicism. You might as well add the names of all who work in the Trump White House. With any luck and if we actually get out of this nightmare of neo-nazi Trumpism, all of the names of those who work in today's White House will be remembered by history. That's the wall we should build; a wall in Lafayette Park across the barricaded street in front of the White House, a wall with all of their names, every, single, one, of, them, a wall where future generations can all go a spit, while future republicans complain that we are spitting on their heritage. Think of the irony of a White House goon like Conway citing a religion that has its own issues of how children are treated. Maybe that's OK, too, if you're a republican. Just wait 'till we here about all sorts of abuse, sexual and otherwise, coming from these camps. You have to know that that is only a matter of time.

The reason we haven't seen the photos of toddlers and young women; the reason the press needs to name is that photos of toddlers and girls would engender sympathy. They would engender feelings of humanity, something Trump and those who work for him can't stand. They don't show the girls because just look at the reaction that picture of the sobbing two-year-old got. That picture will get a Pulitzer and go down in history as being as powerful as the Pulitzer-winning photo of the girlnaked and napalmed Vietnamese girl did decades ago, in Nixon's time. Those pictures are photo-journalism at its best, and they are why fascists hate journalists. Now it's up to the press to tell all, not just half. In the meanwhile, we will get some staged photos of happy, well-cared for toddlers and young girls in an attempt to quiet things and mollify us. How long before we see a photo op of Ivanka or some republican congresscretin like Rep. Marsha Blackburn or Sen. Joni Ernst, wearing new MAGA hats available at for the low, low price of $49.99, visiting a "cleaned up for presentation" detention center. I can just see Ivanka asking a little girl if she knows how to make shoes.

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At 7:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The corporate media will help the Republicans any way they can. It doesn't help that the "democrats" are as well, for there is now no opposition to the rise of the Fourth Reich.

At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Hey, I'll bet Trump can and did read that Hitler book he kept on his night table. He is following the process of the rise of third reich pretty well. He is destroying our country via similar plans and the speed commensurate with Hitler's time table. Stephen Miller could have been on Hitler's cabinet. The only difference is we still have a free press that is exposing Trump's horrors. Rachel Maddow in tears.

The November elections will be it for us. Our last stand against tyranny. It has really come to this.

At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steven miller *IS* in hitler's Reichstag... except it's 2018 and it's trump following bannon's recipe which came from hitler. The press is following goebbels' methods. If you bake a cake from hitler/goebbels' cookbook, you're baking hitler's cake.

maddow's crocodile tears do not impress me. she unabashedly cheerled for obamanation as he and the 'craps utterly refused to do a single thing that might have thwarted our final descent into naziism. She unabashedly cheerled for the DNC and $hillbillary and voter fraud in 2016.

Has she once criticized Pelosi or scummer for being so totally and irreversibly corrupt? For ratfucking the electorate by pushing former Rs and other rancid shit while suppressing better people... all over the country? Did she once point out that obamanation/holder were refusing, rather than unable, to prosecute bankers. Did she point out that obamanation was telling us/US that he supported a PO **AFTER** he'd vowed to the lobbies that no such thing would be a part of ACA?

I'll stop there. Maddow is about as good as it gets in this shithole. But as a journalist, she's shit.

At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hone, you think that if the 'craps look like big winners, trump won't just declare a national security crisis and declare martial law?

And when that happens, who's going to stop him? your democraps? For the sake of wall street, they'll take a knee.

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can put up likeness comparisons of what America is doing with pretty much any of history's evil regimes.

But the closest... the one that seems to be the blueprint, is that of hitler's Germany. Cooption of the press; identification of hated demographics; cruelty to those demographics as policy; invoking god as sanctifying that cruelty; aggressive wars; torture; extrajudicial murder; demonizing public institutions; glorifying the military; Assimilation of church, military and state; demonizing friends and neighbors; lauding (all) other totalitarian regimes and despots; demanding personal loyalty over oaths of office...??? It's all there in some form.

The paragon of human evil is still the Nazis, right? Give the book haram's and isis and the holy inquisition a rest already. It should be all Nazis all the time to hit home... well, if any americans actually knew any history. Well, all you can do is present it... you can't make americans smarter.


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