Monday, May 21, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Of all the double armpit-scratching monkey goons that Señor Trumpanzee coulda picked to represent him as his newest "TV Lawyer," Rudy Giuliani has proven to be the best, most tremendous choice. I have no doubt that Trumpanzee considered other republican luminaries such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Judge Roy Moore, Speaker Ryan, and various Grand Wizards, but Donnie and Rudy go way back with their natural affinity for each other, an affinity based on New York City's underbelly of "You scratch my back I'll scratch yours, and fill your wallet" sleaze.

Seeing Rudy figuratively picking the lice off of Donnie on Sean Hannity's nightly political romper room has been a thing to behold. One almost feels sorry for the FOX studio janitors and clean-up crews. Rudy's recent Alex Jones-ish pronouncements are so out to lunch that it seems that it's only a matter of days before he claims that the FBI or some other "deep state" "cabal" has planted a surveillance chip in the president's ass. The FOX audience, believing that Obama hangs out in their microwave ovens, will of course eat it up.

Giuliani's "Sell By" date really did expire long, long ago. It's no exaggeration to say that on September 10th, 2001, Rudy was detested here in NYC. By then, he had worn out the welcome that even most of those who had voted for him had once extended to him. His racism, the way he treated his own family, and his three-car monte style of "government" was being exposed for what it was. Then came his hideously sociopathic desire and ability to exploit 9/11 for all it was worth, never mind that the deaths of so many of New York's firemen on 9/11 can be laid right on his sagging shoulders due to his not thinking their lives were worth better communications systems. Then, there was the "genius" idea of putting the World Trade Center's security center right in the WTC itself, even after the WTC had already been attacked in 1993.

Still, you have to give Rudy some kind of credit. With the help of media sycophants such as Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews, and all of Rupert Murdoch's minions, Rudy Giuliani was able to re-brand himself as "America's Mayor." It was always an illusion, though, and, fortunately voters were eventually wise enough to give the opposable thumbs down to his efforts to become "America's President." That title unfortunately fell to his buddy Señor Trumpanzee. So, you see, for Rudy, it has kind of come full circle. He couldn't be the official Assclown Of The American Apocalypse, but he has embraced his role of trying to save the one who is.

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