Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Are Orange County Democrats Selling Congressional Nominations?


This is what a DCCC recruit who wants to buy a congressional seat looks like

Well... we'll see. That's certainly the DCCC's most fervent desire. They scumbags at 430 S. Capitol St SE in Washington prefer that and recruit candidates and on self-funding capacity. So let's look at who's self-funding in the 4 Orange county districts that Hillary won but that have Republican incumbents.

First is CA-39, where really stupid DCCC staffers stumbled and actually recruited two very wealthy candidates, Gil Cisneros and Mai-KhanhTran, neither of whom live sin the district. So here's the self-funding activities as of March 31, the last FEC reporting deadline:
Andy Thorburn- $2,335,900 (91.20%)
Gil Cisneros- $2,504,467 (81.96%)
Mai-KhanhTran- $480,000 (40.56%)
Phil Janowicz- $194,900 (56.68%)
Next up is CA-45, the district that needs to rid itself of Mimi Walters
Ron Varasteh- $250,000 (99.04%)
Brian Forde has a lot of money-- and do do his friends and over 93% of his contributions come from large individual contributions, most from wealthy friends and colleagues. Next is CA-48, the Rohrabacher seat on the coast, home of Cisneros, Tran and several other carpetbaggers.
Omar Siddiqui- $764,856 (81.95%)
Harley Rouda- $730,500 (59.61%)
Hans Keirstead- $430,400 (34.35%)
And now the big one, CA-49, the Orange County/San Diego County seat Doug Applegate drove Darrell Issa out of and, in so doing-- has attracted a pack of grotesque opportunists
Paul Kerr- $1,612,728 (82.75%)
Sara Jacobs- $1,074,151 (77.24%)
Any other gross self-funds among California Democrats, the party working for the interests working families and the down-trodden? Just two:

Sue Zwahlen ($206,181)- CA-10
TJ Cox ($265,500)- CA-10, but now CA-21

At least no one in California is as bad as David Trone in Maryland though, right? Last cycle Trone lost after spending  $13,385,373 of his own money. His personal money amounted to 99.95% of what he raised. As of the December 31 FEC reporting deadline he had raised $2,471,785 in his campaign for the open 6th district seat in Maryland (a different district), of which $2,281,939 came out of his bank account (92.32%). Expect lots more from where that came from!

Goal ThermometerOK, back to Orange County for a moment. There are excellent candidates in 3 of the 4 districts who have a shot at winning and who aren't trying to buy the seats, 2 men and a woman who are endorsed by Blue America and who are actually trying to win based on their ideas, values and intentions towards the working families of the districts. Each of the 3 is financing their campaigns with small donor contributions and each is under tremendous pressure from the self-funders. In CA-39 that candidate is Sam Jammal, In CA-45, it is Katie Porter, and in CA-49 it's Doug Applegate. You can contribute by tapping on the ActBlue congressional thermometer on the right. I might add at this moment that Marianne Williamson will be visiting San Clemente on Saturday afternoon, April 28th, to help raise money for Doug Applegate. I'll be there too and I hope you can come say hello. Our artist, Nancy Ohanian, has contributed some really beautiful art towards Doug's election that I'll have with me.

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At 7:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In seeking "self-funders", the "democrats" are certainly selling the opportunity to recoup any funds expended through corruption, bribery, and "campaign contributions".

At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the entire democrap party is for sale. Get it yet?? They've been for sale for decades. They're just more open about it these days.

This is how "lesser evilism" just guarantees more and more evil. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!


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