Sunday, March 11, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

In case you might be having an otherwise nice Sunday dinner with some relatives that include that proverbial crazy crackpot Republican kool-aid guzzling gun-nut uncle who brought his AR-15 to your house to show the kids...

Of course, you shouldn't expect to change a rotted mind, but expressing the logic of tonight's meme to him will still be worth it, if only to watch the confused look on his face, followed instantly by a glassy eyed blankness that lasts as long as it takes his mouth to whine something about "Obama."

Later, for extra fun, you could play on his classic Republican paranoia and casually ask him if he deactivated the GPS locator and recorder chips that come embedded in every AR-15, knowing that he will then immediately head down to your basement to completely take his big mighty pacifier apart feverishly looking in vain for them; thus wrecking it beyond repair.

Kindly offer him a nice bag to take all the now useless pieces and parts home in.

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