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Lipinski's Campaign Of Filth And Smear Ends Tuesday-- Hopefully With His Disgraceful Political Career


This Tuesday is primary day in Illinois. There are several crucial battles going on between progressives and corporate Democrats but there are4 none where the contrast is clearer than in the Chicagoland seat which pits Marie Newman against right-of-center Blue Dog Dan Lipinski. The DCCC has sided with Lipinski of course, but progressive Democrats from Jan Schakowsky, Luis Gutiérrez and Ro Khanna to Bernie Sanders and Chuy Garcia are strongly backing Marie (also endorsed by Blue America). Yesterday new Spanish-Language TV and Radio Ads Hitting the anti-immigrant incumbent started running for his vote against the Dream Act in 2010. The ads blast Lipinski for voting out-of-step with his constituents on immigration issues and urge voters to back Marie Newman.

While independent groups are running ads educate voters about Lipinski’s actual voting record, Lipinski and his supporters are making up crap to smear Newman, the latest implying that she's a Holocaust denier. Lipinski's campaign is targeting Jewish voters with texts from a woman identifying herself as "Leslie Benjamini" from the Washington, D.C.-based No Labels group-- a shady conservative group that backed Trump in 2016 and backs Lipinksi and other right-wing Democrats now. When voters reply to texts by saying the plan to vote for Newman, "Benjamini" states that Lipinski's opponent is a Holocaust denier. "His opponent is a Holocaust denier among other things," the text claims. "Please educate yourself before you vote. All I ask."

After Newman beats Lipinski she will have an opponent who is a Holocaust denier, Nazi leader Arthur Jones, a lunatic Republican, running unopposed in the GOP primary. Marie's response:
"Dan Lipinski is playing politics with a tragedy in human history that cost the lives of millions-- and which deeply affects those of Jewish heritage, including my husband and his family. I did not think Dan Lipinski could stoop any lower than the dishonest machine campaign he has been running, but this is a new level of moral bankruptcy. He should issue a public apology immediately."
Late Thursday, Politico reported that Obama alumni in Chicago were meting out some payback to Lipinski for his non-stop opposition to President Obama.
A collection of former Obama aides and supporters banded together to deliver some Chicago-style payback, just days before the embattled congressman faces a tough Democratic primary challenge that could end his career.

A campaign mailer from a super PAC backing Lipinski gave the group the opportunity to pile on Lipinski at the worst possible moment. The mail piece featured a photo of the former president on one side, and the words, “Known for Leading.” The flip side offered a picture of Democratic opponent Marie Newman under the headline, “Known for Misleading.”

The idea that Lipinski-- who voted against the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s signature achievement, and declined to endorse Obama’s reelection in 2012-- would try to use the former president’s image resurrected such deep feelings of betrayal that the group of former staffers and supporters quickly assembled for a news conference to call out the congressman for what they called hypocrisy.

Goal Thermometer“It’s time to reveal the truth, Congressman Lipinski,” said Obama’s 2008 national field organizer Jon Carson. “You are no Barack Obama.”

The ad wasn’t from the Lipinski campaign. The group behind the direct mail, United for Progress, has funded TV ads attacking Newman, who is threatening to topple the Lipinski family’s storied political regime in the Chicago-based 3rd Congressional District.

But once the ad reached mailboxes in the district this week, it drew strong reactions. Over Twitter on Wednesday night, former Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod called the move “galling.”

In fact, Obama loyalists were so steamed that 10 former aides and volunteers stood in Axelrod’s old offices for the Thursday news conference-- the very place they said Michelle and Barack Obama made their decision to launch a 2008 presidential bid.

The group recounted the difficulties of corralling enough votes to pass the Affordable Care Act eight years ago-- and lamented that Lipinski was the only Illinois Democrat to vote against it.

Organizing for Action National Finance Committee member John Atkinson recalled watching the roll call vote in 2010 with “tears streaming down my face,” from the pride he felt in the moment the landmark health care act passed.

...“I was stunned to watch Dan Lipinski vote to deny 20 million Americans the very coverage that he and I both enjoyed, while defying a president and members of Congress who put their careers on the line to pass this health care reform in this country,” Atkinson said. “We will not allow Dan Lipinski’s hypocrisy to stand.

“Congressman Lipinski was never a supporter of President Obama when he needed him most,” he said.

The mailer raised questions about Newman’s professional claims and experiences as a business owner.

At the news conference, Jennifer Warner, national organizing director for OFA, read from a 2010 Chicago Sun-Times newspaper article recounting Lipinski’s vote against ACA, despite the fact that he would receive the benefits attached to own pre-condition as a diabetic.

“To add insult to injury, Congressman Lipinski refused to endorse Obama,” Warner said. “It’s shameful, and we’re calling him out.”

In 2012, Lipinski had commented to Medill News Service that he would not publicly endorse anyone in the race for president. That report was picked up by The Huffington Post, amplifying the surprising news that a fellow Chicago Democrat declined to publicly support the president’s reelection.

“He voted for Barack. He supported Barack in 2012,” Mayer explained Thursday, but wouldn’t expand on how he supported Obama.

Supporters said their efforts to call out Lipinski had nothing to do with preserving Obama’s legacy.

“I don’t think we need to do anything to preserve the president’s legacy, it stands on its own,” Atkinson said. “This is about calling out hypocrisy, frankly. And letting the voters know what their representative’s actually doing in Congress and the fact that lying to them about his record and about his allegiances is not going to be tolerated.”

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At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

We live in a very sick world. But the world has always been this way - we are just seeing the 21st century version of it. It is likely that the human race will eventually destroy itself via war.

Last night I watched a documentary series on castles in England. I saw two episodes - on the castle in Dover and the tower of London. What a horror show their history was. One despot after another, killing off opponents. Two brothers, ages 10 and 12, disappeared when the older one should have eventually become king. They were murdered and their bodies hidden. Henry VIII was so vile. Trump is another despot in their league. We need get rid of him as soon as possible. Each day he is in office he destroys something else. He is a freaking monster.

Seeing Michael Flynn get a standing ovation yesterday at a Republican gathering was disgusting. He is a traitor who assisted in conspiring with the Russians yet the Republicans welcomed him with open arms. This is so sick. Shades of Nazis.

Come on, Mueller!!! Come on, Dems!! Bring it on!!

At 6:30 AM, Anonymous ap215 said...

Good luck to Marie Newman on Tuesday.

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mueller, maybe. Dems, not a chance.

At 2:52 PM, Blogger Richard Evans said...

I'm a pragmatic type when it comes to politics. I understand there are districts and states where we are going to have to settle for centrist candidates. This is NOT one of those cases. IL3 is in no danger of flipping red this year. It should have been so simple for D-Trip: just remain neutral and let third district voters decide. Every time I hear one of my dem friends tell me they gave a contribution to DCCC I cringe. Burn that organization to the ground and salt the earth.


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