Friday, February 02, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

During Sunday night's broadcast of the GRAMMY Awards, former South Carolina Governor and current Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, as you can see above, just couldn't resist reaching for her twitter machine. Ignoramus that she is, she doesn't think politics and music go together. Now, what could have possibly set her off? The answer to that one is that all it took was Hillary Clinton reading a couple of sentences from Michael Wolf's Fire And Fury on the GRAMMY TV show. The fact that, the book is the number one best seller in the known universe, or, as her boss would say, "is getting great ratings, tremendous ratings," no doubt pushed the dagger a littler further in. The uptight little cheerleader for Trump just couldn't take it. And, it wasn't even directed at her, or was it? Maybe just in your mind, Nikki? Is there really something you'd like to tell us?

Music has always made a great match with politics, most likely since humans began to sing. Haley's statement reveals a hole in whatever education she has. It reveals a lack of understanding of how music interfaces with our culture and functions within our society. Politics has always inspired artists to paint, writers to write, and musicians to compose. But, apparently, Nikki feels that music should only be about love (sexless, of course), or maybe nursery rhymes, or, bunnies frolicking in the meadow, or maybe painting a house, or writing instruction manuals for audio and video equipment made in China.

There is one thing I agree with Ms. Haley on, though. When the unsubstantiated rumors recently surfaced that she was having an affair with SeƱor Trumpanzee, she was quoted as saying that the idea that she was having sex with Trump was, quote "disgusting" and "offensive." I could not agree with Nikki more more. Sex with Trumpanzee couldn't help but be "disgusting" and "offensive."

Maybe Nikki should just stick to other stuff she knows nothing about, like promising to protect Binomo and other countries that don't exist. Meanwhile, I'd like to send her this photo. It seems more appropriate now than ever. It's of a man and his guitar. The man is the great, truly great, Woody Guthrie, a man who focused his art like a laser beam on the evils of people like Nikki Haley. Feel free to tweet this picture to Nikki Haley. It may not make her day, but it sure would have made his. Send it to her fascist boss, too.

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At 12:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a veteran of the 1960s, I wish more musicians saw fit to take note of current events and write songs about them. They are sorely needed.


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