Thursday, February 22, 2018

Flippable: CA-39... With The Right Candidate


As it had for cycle after cycle, in 2016 the DCCC ignored CA-39 entirely. But as Hillary beat Trump there-- 51.5% to 42.9%-- Brett Murdock, the un-funded Democrat who ran (spending $76,014 to incumbent Ed Royce's $3,640,434), managed to win 42.3% of the vote. This cycle the DCCC decided to use the 39th-- a district in the northeast corner of Orange County that spills into L.A. and San Bernardino counties-- as a dumping ground for multimillionaire self-funders from other districts. They hadn't counted on an actual grassroots, policy-driven local, Sam Jammal, running. Meanwhile, Royce sniffed around and, despite a massive warchest, decided not to seek reelection. He bowed out, leaving half a dozen Democrats with 6 or 7-figure warchests. Blue America surveyed the field and endorsed Sam Jammal, who released his first video today, which he describes below-- and which you can watch above.

Piss Off Trump-- Send a Latino/Arab American to Congress
-by Sam Jammal

Imagine next January when the House begins taking up the articles of impeachment against Trump. What if the deciding vote was the son of immigrants? What if this vote was the son of Latino and Arab American parents? Is there anything that would piss off Trump more?

Right now, we can do that in the 39 th district. A new poll from Public Policy Polling has a Democrat ahead by 2%. But, while Hillary Clinton won this seat by 8.6%, not just any Democrat can win. We house the Nixon birthplace and library here in the 39th. Our demographics are changing, but voters are only starting to take a look at Democrats.

My story is that of the 39 th district-- a welcoming community with immigrants from all over the world and a desire to make sure the next generation can succeed. I am not an out of district millionaire – I am from the community.

Goal ThermometerUp top is my first ad of the campaign telling the story of why I decided to run for Congress: We can do better than today’s politics. Washington is broken-- I saw it in my roles in government and experienced it in business. You see I grew up in a working class home where we had to learn to stretch a dollar. We never had the luxury of doing nothing, so I can’t wait for Congress to fix itself. We fix it by electing new people who are actually from their communities and will fight.

But change first starts with stopping Trump. And we can do that while also infuriating him. With your support, I can be Trump’s worst nightmare-- a Latino and Arab American in Congress.

Join my campaign at sam4congress. Please help us flip the 39th district and bring new voices to Congress.

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At 6:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Right Candidate? As defined by whom?

Huffpo is running an article about how the DINO-Whig Party leaders are actively sabotaging Laura Moser, a U.S. House candidate from Texas’ 7th Congressional District.

"...on Thursday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee came out swinging against Moser’s bid, posting links that resemble opposition research meant to undermine her campaign, which some have called too liberal for what’s expected to be a contentious election."

The PARTY Knows Best. Do As You Are Told.

I refuse to support such a corrupt Party. I will support a candidate long before I will give a single mil to the Party. I will continue to push for a replacement for the DINO-Whigs.


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