Saturday, January 13, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

I've never been a guy who watches so-called reality shows on TV. The one exception, of course, is the one called Trumpanzee White House which is currently the #1 reality show in America, if not the known universe. Hell, if there are people out in space, they are probably watching in shuddering disbelief and arguing amongst themselves as to whether or not they should just vaporize this planet.

On Sunday, CNN's Jake Tapper tried in vain to interview SeƱor Trumpanzee's Senior Policy Advisor, Stephen Miller. With Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka currently gone but just a phone call away, Miller is apparently the lead white supremacist in a White House chock full of white supremacists. Tapper's attempts to get some answers out of Miller regarding the #1 best selling book in America, "Fire And Fury", proved predictably pointless since Miller came only to filibuster any meaningful dialog and simply praise his severely mentally ill boss. It was just as well since Miller speaks only in pig-ignorant diatribes anyway. Having Stephen Miller on your show is like inviting a charmless, soulless, dead-eyed version of Archie Bunker who dresses up in a German SS uniform when no one but friends are around. You don't even get Edith because she left 10 minutes into the first date.

On Tapper's show, Miller seemed desperately obsessed with extolling the "genius" of his demented old orange fascist of a boss. He repeatedly talked over Tapper like he was ass kissing a blow up doll that was wearing a too long red tie and a Trump wig. Clearly, Miller had been given a task and been told not to come back to the White House Bund without hammering his boss's I'm a "stable genius, like, really smart" point home. When you put Trumpies like Miller on camera, it doesn't take long for them to reveal their inner grotesqueness. The real question is why CNN wanted him on the show in the first place. Obviously, it's because they always try to go way overboard in appeasing republicans. They should read up on Neville Chamberlain. Things got so heated on Sunday, that Miller's mic was cut and he had to be escorted out the door. He spent Monday plying his bizarro world idiocy on FOX's romper room asylum for the insane where he's considered a hero for taking on "Fake News CNN." Tweets of approval from the Nutter-in-chief flowed freely. We live in surreal times.

There are people in this world that you can just look at and know that something is freakishly wrong. Their mental deformities are so virulent that they have altered the physical appearance of the body into something equally disturbing. If I was a PHD medical student, this would be the area I'd consider for my thesis. Stephen Miller Miller first came to our attention less than one month after inauguration day when he emphatically stated that judges (or any of us) must not question his boss's authority. He said it right out in public. He's also known for flashing white power signs. Let's hope America never has to deal with his fantasies.

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At 4:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Let's hope America never has to deal with his fantasies."

We already ARE dealing with his fantasies. The entire post was about the fantasies of Miller that we are now dealing with. The worrisome part for me is how much support from the dummkopfs Miller -and by extension, tRump- continue to have at their disposal. How much longer before some version of the Freikorps forms in this nation? We already know that American police are well down that path. We already know that there are more guns than people in the US, and that this arsenal is owned by less than ten percent of the population.

I don't believe tRump is capable of a Reichstag fire, but he has set the stage for someone with that capability. Then you can kiss this nation -and likely the entire planet- goodbye.

At 6:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

miller is around solely because he is a servile boot-lick who happens to share all of dear leader's hatreds and is maybe only a point or two on the IQ curve ahead of him.

It says more about network news-tainment that they'd even stoop so low as to have this pos on the teevee machine than it says about either pig-ignorant white supremacist Nazi mofo. there is nobody in the WH nor in the R caucus worth "interviewing".

If you want to know some inside poop about these assholes, just read passages from Hitler's old speeches. After all, that's about the only book trump reads.


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