Thursday, December 14, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

Well, now that the horrid Alabama Senate race is over (more or less), and the Republican Party won't have its chosen wunderkind to swear in, it will be back to scary, sicko business as usual for the still Republican-controlled, McConnell-run Senate. The above cartoon got the election result wrong but it sure nailed everything else. And, now that Missy McConnell has announced that Doug Jones won't be sworn in just yet and the state of Alabama will drag its heals on certifying the election, that means that it will still be Republican incumbent Luther Strange casting a vote for whatever Trump's Repug Party wants and not Democrat Doug Jones. After all, they still want to ram their evil Tax Scam down our throats and start pocketing the money they'll get from their benefactors for that.

The Untied States Senate is still infested with 52 Republicans. That means that, when it comes to voting on the final version of the Tax Scam, 3 of them will have to vote with the Democrats and independents Angus King and Bernie Sanders on the side of decency and morality is this country isn't to go down the path of destruction. Who are those 3 who will step up, resist the pressure, and put country over party? Corker? He did it last time. Who else? 2 more. Who? Collins? Remember when McCain ran for president using the slogan "Country First? Flake? Who, if any of the 52, will find the guts to be real Americans? Who will decide that they don't want to go down in history as being living, breathing piles of shit?

Time to put the pressure on like never before.

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At 12:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Time to put the pressure on like never before."

It's already being applied as hard as Big Money can do. Those additional millions are so close to being realized that the Greedy can smell it. They aren't about to let Corker, Collins, and Flake do anything to derail the Gravy Train. There isn't enough pressure to be applied from the side of We the People to sway even one of these Senators.

Each of these Senators is going to have to decide for themselves whether they want to be seen as heroes or paraiahs - and by whom, for each epithet, since they will be accused of one of these positions by each side.

My meager money isn't placed on the outcome most desired by the majority of citizens, for didn't Gillens and Page discover that We the People aren't hear no matter how loudly we shout?.

At 6:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget corker and flake. Cowards both, they're counting on the money giving them 7-figure K-street jobs. They're in the bag.
Let's also assume without any proof that McCain votes like he just did on the senate version. His courage is occasional and random.
That leaves it 51-49 no matter what Collins does. And she voted 'aye' with johnny last week.


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