Saturday, November 04, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

A few days ago (Wednesday), I posted a meme about a grotesque bit of particularly slimy parasitical human ectoplasm named Donald Trump, Jr. In my 40+ year career in the music, I encountered a few examples of sons who would never have gotten their jobs and made their way in the world if not for daddy. Often they'd end up getting fired because they were so dumb, so obnoxious, so incompetent or all of the above. Then, daddy would pull a few strings in the business and come to the rescue with a new job somewhere. The thing is, though, in the case of all of the examples I can think of, the father actually did have a talent and intelligence for the business, but, when it came to the idiot sons, well, people just marveled at how such a dumb kid could come from a parent that had so much in the way of smarts and ability. Of course, the doltish offspring were never aware of how much everyone just shook their heads at the mere mention of their name. In one case I can think of, even the father would shake his head, having no idea what to do about his son, other than to keep pulling those strings.

It's different with the Trumps though. Donnie Jr. is a classic extreme dumbo. He really even looks like something's really wrong upstairs. Maybe, his oxygen was cut off at some point during his early development. You could be forgiven if you felt he looks inbred. It's not that. This isn't an example of upper class England or Germany. No, in the case of the Trumps, it's obviously a gene pool problem. Donnie's dad is a dope. His granddad was a dope. So, it must be just the Trump gene pool. Hmmm, but maybe, just maybe, if we could go back another generation or two, we might find some good old European inbreeding.

Does it really matter? Nope. The end result is what it is. Donnie, Jr. is one dumb fuck.

Oh, and speaking of inbreeding. Here's a bonus clip about Don the Con and his daughter.

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At 7:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Noah! This made my day!

I hope the Beatles allow these tunes to propagate as their contribution to ending the Trump disease infecting America.


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