Thursday, October 05, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

It's not surprising that Donald Trump, or any other white supremacist, would attack Puerto Ricans, but that's not all that is in play with a true psychotic and maximum narcissist like SeƱor Trumpanzee. Trump attacks anyone whose mere existence is, at least in his sick mind, a threat to his mega-bloated ego. In the case of his repeated attacks on suffering Puerto Ricans, he has focused his inner crying baby on San Juan's Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz. When Cruz publicly begged for an improved response from a plodding Trump administration (Haiti got a better and quicker response from the previous administration, and Haiti isn't even part of the United States), Trump took the criticism as a threat to the one thing that supersedes all when it comes to him, his image, not the well-being of fellow human beings who he and the majority of his party don't consider fellows at all. Trump realizes that a great image, a great presentation of self, is the key to the success of any con man, so, out came the hateful tweets and on camera buffoonery that will go down in history as one of the major parts of his true image.

Included in his statements against the mayor and Puerto Ricans was the old Republican stereotypical chestnut that "those people" want everything done for them. The creation of today's meme was an almost instant response. Never mind that Puerto Ricans were clearing their streets and highways with their bare hands, only taking breaks in the 100 degree heat to go drink water from the nearest creek because the plumbing infrastructure is gone.

Unfortunately, a quick look at Republican bloggers, tweeters, and their Facebook pages shows that they have followed their stone crazy leader's poor example and spent the last several days spouting their usual hateful sicko drivel that Puerto Ricans are lazy, dirty, stupid, etc. Next they will be calling them "Welfare Queens."

I have a further thought on this meme: Because marketing and image mongering played a big part in my career in the corporate world, I couldn't help but notice the deliberate composition of the photo of Trump and those who do everything for him when he is in Florida. Notice the positioning behind him of three African-American female employees. This serves two purposes. The first one, is that "see, I employ black people. Therefore, I couldn't possibly be a racist." The other purpose is a little more subtle. The positioning of the three women, wearing black clothing makes Trump's pastie white face stand out more than it would if three white people wearing white wear standing right behind him. This positioning puts all of the focus on him. The white chairs with gold trim provide additional framing. Only the legs of The Whore Of Slovenia distract from his and his photographer's intentions. Woe be Melania if Trump's fragile ego ever stops its frenzy to consider that.

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At 5:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What his performance in PR also shows, as always, is that the swine of manhattan, the face of a baboon's ass, the retarded orange-utang, the drumpfsterfire cannot even ACT compassionate.

I take as fact without proof (don't need any) that almost all who grow up rich (the bushbabies, drumpfs, drumpf scions...) have never been taught compassion or empathy and, therefore, that part of their brain is permanently atrophied from nonuse.

The bushbaby at least tried to act the part since kkkarl rove pasted that label on his nappy. But this pos is uniquely unable to even act the part. His cluelessness and tone-deafness is stunning.

But I suppose someone like that who not only does not give one flying fuck about those people but HATES them fundamentally would have particular difficulty trying to pretend to care.

Is it any surprise he picks the prominent FEMALE to irrationally focus his wrath upon?

At 5:37 AM, Blogger Thomas Ten Bears said...

Come on Noah, haven't you read any cold war spy novels? She's his handler, not goin' anywhere.

At 9:24 AM, Blogger Mary and Phil said...

From the moment he 'responded' to the tragedy in PR it was clear he used a different measuring stick for 'those people'. This meme is disgusting in so many ways. Smile, folks, but don't expect to get paid for your work.


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