Monday, October 16, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

A couple of days ago, SeƱor Trumpanzee was the first sitting president to speak at the Family Research Council's annual hate fest. While we shouldn't be surprised that a psychopath would eagerly attend an American hate group's conference to lend encouragement and endorse their activities, a lot of people were surprised (incredulous is a better word) when our madman "leader" of the free world made the bold faced claim that his (and their) agenda is "substantially ahead of schedule." Sure, there is zero doubt that the Trumpanzee is an over the top boastful megalomaniac whose pathological lying knows no bounds, yet his kool-aid saturated crowd cheered and stomped with their drooling approval just the same. When he punctuated his statement with his standard "Believe me." They did.

The mob at the Family Research Council's so-called Values Summit is a virulent bunch. They look at the influx of "damn foreigners" into our country (documented undocumented alike) and they scream that they "want our country back." Back from whom? Back from "those people." They long for a time when caucasians were the vast majority of the population in this country. That time is gone and isn't coming back, short of genocide, of course; something that, judging from their statements and social media pages, many of these fake christians would be all for. They don't want to live in a country and world where the influx of what they call, in the words of one of their heroes, republican Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore, "browns" and "yellows" continues. They see the races mixing because we no longer have segregation and they are appalled. If you want to really get them going, just tell them that "brown babies" are just part of the millennia-long evolution of humankind. Make sure to say 'humankind' and not 'mankind.' Hell, just the word 'evolution' will send their blood pressure heading for the moon. Want to take it further and watch the fun? I have. It's easy. After bringing up evolution and/or the inevitability of race mixing, just bring up something, anything about gay people. Damn. You could bake a whole wedding cake using just the heat coming off their foreheads!

Homophobia was well-represented at the "Values Summit." The swag bag given to attendees even included a bonkers brochure titled "The Health Hazards Of Homosexuality." The brochure pushes a book that claims no one is "born gay" and that homosexuality is an "attack on 'traditional marriage'. Yeah. Whatever. Keep in mind that we not only have a thrice-married serial adulterer and admitted predator in the White House, we also have a VP that thinks gay kids should have their homosexuality electrocuted right out of them. No doubt, this crowd eagerly would watch such a thing on TV for hours; if only "the media" wasn't "controlled by liberals."

So, look at all of these hats in the today's meme. Look at all those things Trump voters voted for Trump for. The hats put the lie to his claim of being "substantially ahead of schedule" with his agenda. In truth (not that truth matters to his supporters) the Trumpanzee has failed to get even one single piece of legislation passed into law. That's a very good thing, given what he wants to do to America and its Constitution. but, as exemplified by his attacks on Obamacare, he has done a lot of damage to the lives of Americans. Why, it's enough to make you wonder just who he's working for. Believe me.

Those hats represent a catalog of lies he got elected on. The Values Summit attendees and the rest of his supporters don't seem to have any problems with the promises left unkept. To this point, there is only a slight erosion in the Trumpanzee's support among republicans. The vast majority of Trump's supporters still love him. Apparently, the unkept promises don't bother them one bit. Ask yourself why, despite all these broken promises that were obviously insincere from the get-go, Trump's voters still support their man. Look at the hats. Do you see what's missing? Do you see what Trump has stayed true to? Do you see the core, base value that Trump has delivered on and delivers on on a daily basis? Do you see what Senor Trumpanzee has not backed off of one bit? Do you see why, despite all of his failures, they still cheer him?

The answer is racism and bigotry. Those are the core values of Trump, his party, and his voters. They are number one, by far. He can break any promise and fail to deliver on any of his promises but those that enhance racism and bigotry. Attacking president Obama's Iran deal and Obamacare (and any of his achievements), appointing Jeff Sessions as AG and Betsy DeVos as Secretary Of Education are just four examples of manifestations of Trumpian bigotries. Racism and bigotry are the easiest for Trump to deliver on. You can deliver on those with just emotion and words. No legislation required, although, to his voters, that would be very nice, too. Trump has emboldened racists and bigots of every kind everywhere, and not just in Charlottesville. For that, Trump's voters love him and will continue to do so. Such very fine people.

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At 6:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

His appearance alone makes his party far more honest (the lies and boasting notwithstanding). The crowd is very reminiscent of a crowds 80 years ago in places like Munich. The speaker isn't as polished... but it's the crowd that matters.

The Rs have been cultivating white hate for 40 years, since LBJ passed voting and civil rights. There aren't enough billionaires voting for any of them to win anything, so they needed the white haters.

They are now the party of/by/for white hatreds. That is all. They got nothing else.

That leaves the democraps to be the party of neo-liberalism, corporate fascism and of/by/for the billionaires. This has been true since 1980 and could not be more overt today. But their voters are still struggling with realizing that they are being bludgeoned repeatedly by the FORMER party of FDR.

We need a party of FDR once more. Today we need it moreso than probably any time since 1932. The democraps will NEVER give up the billions from their donors. Fringe players like BA/DWT don't seem able to give up their delusions of the past. So voters need to do it on their own.

But voters, as they prove every single 2 years, are the dumbest in the entire history of humankind and seem entirely unable/unwilling to do this.

Settling for the lesser evil these days is settling for colossal evil, even if it *IS* lesser.


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