Sunday, October 01, 2017

Anti-Gay Zealots Like Doug Chin Shouldn't Be Running For Congress As Democrats


Most of us outside Hawaii who have heard of Doug Chin know him as the courageous Attorney General-- appointed, not elected-- who has gone after Trump. Rachel Maddow tried making him a star on her show without doing any diligence about what she was extolling. I bet ole Rachel never saw that YouTube video up top. Yep, that's Doug Chin preaching like an insane zealot, screaming his homophobic rantings-- "God is right; your family is wrong." Holy Moly! A real vessle of the holy ghost at the Oahu Church of Christ.

That's over ten years ago but Chin had already married and graduated from law school, so he wasn't exactly a child. One of his benefactors, Republican former Mayor Peter Carlisle recalled first meeting him at Chin's church while Carlisle was campaigning. Carlisle said he was so impressed with Chin's public speaking, he told him to look him up if he ever needed a job. The Oahu Church of Christ is a branch of the extremely controversial International Churches of Christ-- not to be confused with the pro-LGBT equality United Church of Christ-- described in 2000 as "[a] fast-growing Christian organization known for aggressive proselytizing to [US] college students" and as "one of the most controversial religious groups on campus." Some call it a cult. And Chin's church is one of the 100 that signed onto a letter to oppose same-sex marriage during Hawaii's 2013 special session.

The church supports ignorant homophobic conversion therapy. And,Doug Chin wasn't just attending this anti-gay, anti-marriage equality, conservative, "cult-like" church-- he was the preacher who helped build it, and led his congregation to oppose gay-rights and support gay-conversion therapy for over 20 years. And he's still there!

A Republican pattern is emerging: Chin (1) helped lead the anti-gay movement as a religious zealot for 20 years, (2) added to mass incarceration (inmate population increased from 5000-6200) and bragged about caging the most people of the 100 prosecutors working under Republican Peter Carlisle, and (3) served as a corporate lobbyist and lawyer for private prisons, big banks, and wall street investment firms.

This resistance stuff is opportunistic and inauthentic. If Hawaii was a red state, he'd be running as a Republican. He's expected to declare his candidacy for the open Honolulu congressional seat as early as this week-- and as a Democrat-- exactly the kind of Democrat we need fewer of in Congress. I feel like we're making progress persuading state Rep. Kaniela Ing to run for this seat. His record is amazing-- but in the opposite way from Chin's. He's the state's most effective and dedicated progressive leader, the only progressive to have supported Bernie during the primary-- while the whole establishment backed Hillary. Hawaii's voters agreed with Kaniela, not the establishment, and Bernie cleaned up on caucus day in every part of the state, winning 23,530 (70%) to 10,125 (30%)-- and also beating Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Carson and the Jebster combined (13,377).

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At 10:06 PM, Blogger Gadfly said...

Just like Tulsi Gabbard shouldn't run because of her and her dad's anti-gay past and her current support for, and from , the BJP and RSS in India. But, she's a Berniecrat, so that's all OK.

At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, fools, when the right reaches Nazi Germany territory, the "left" that is following just a step behind will eventually sweep into certain hate regions.

What we've been finding for the past 40 years is that as both parties sprint rightward, they either drag the majority of voters with them or they find a majority of voters already there.

I'd always wondered how evil americans are. I'm finding out that we're more evil than even I (an avowed cynic) could have imagined.

Do not act surprised that asshats who affiliate with the former party of FDR, HST, JFK, LBJ, RFK and MLK are (now) misogynists and raging homophobes.
This is lesser-evilism. This is how a society gradually burns itself to the ground.

Compared to Hitler, Himmler would have been viewed as less evil and would have been a democrat. Ponder that.

Oh, sorry. Only maybe 1 in 20 can even recognize that second name. My bad.

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone please make this known to other media sources. FOX etc. He claims he has changed so that makes all others me may have accused changed person or is only because of his new political platform?


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