Sunday, September 10, 2017

Meet Rupert Ditsworth (AKA- Tarsey)-- The Face Of Florida's Republican Party


Ditsworth-- back in the day

As if south Broward County residents don't have enough problems-- between Hurricane Irma on the one hand and one of the most corrupt members of Congress, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, representing them-- now they have a homicidal maniac running around the county as a Republican official! Have you heard about Rupert Tarsey (AKA- Rupert Ditsworth) yet? Ditsworth was a spoiled Beverly Hills piece of Republican crap back 10 years ago. He was a 17 year old in the most expensive and degenerate private school in L.A. County.
In a felony complaint filed in Van Nuys Superior Court, prosecutors charged Rupert Tumin Ditsworth of Beverly Hills with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly beating Elizabeth Barcay, 18, with a claw hammer.

...Ditsworth... was taken by his parents to a psychiatric hospital for treatment immediately after the May 14 assault, which left Barcay with a broken leg and a broken nose, police said. Barcay's mother, Barbara Hayden, said in an earlier interview that her daughter was struck 40 times and that her scalp was split.

According to Los Angeles police, the teenagers had gone for a drive in the boy's 2000 Jaguar after school. They were sitting in the parked sedan in Studio City about 5 p.m., when Ditsworth allegedly began talking about suicide and repeatedly struck the girl with the hammer.

Hayden told The Times last month that the pair drove to Jamba Juice after they had finished taking an Advanced Placement exam at the school, which is widely considered one of the nation's most prestigious college-prep schools. Once they got back in the car, Ditsworth reportedly grabbed his backpack from the back seat and placed it on his seat. He then pulled out the hammer and began striking Barcay.

He allegedly left the car and moved to the passenger door, pulling the girl out and continuing to hit and choke her. He then fled, according to police, who said a witness gave them the car's license plate number.
Needless to say, Ditsworth-- white and rich-- wasn't seriously prosecuted and got off with a slap on the list, claiming he smashed the young girl 40 times with the claw hammer "in self defense." He calls himself Tarsey now in honor of his grandpa, Jason Tarsey, a former Mafia front man as owner of the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas. He worked on the Trump campaign, of course. Back in May, he was elected Republican Party secretary of Broward County. He's 28, married with 2 children born from his bad seed-- and a third monster on the way-- and lives in a $2 million beachfront condo.

Florida Republicans, who are aware their party already has a bad image, have asked him to resign, which he refuses to do, claiming "I did nothing wrong." Perhaps Trump can make him Secretary of Homeland Security, a key job that has been empty since Trump appointed General Kelly chief of staff.

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At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes it seems like we're living in a bad Hollywood comedy. Rupert Ditsworth?!

At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see a president ditsworth in our future... to outdo the fictional congressman dilbeck (props to Dave Barry who could never have satirized sufficiently to come up with a trump).


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