Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Kansas Progressives Have A Real Chance to Win a Swing District-- The Third District


McCain and Romney both won in KS-03, the Kansas congressional district that includes all of the Kansas part of Kansas City, all of suburban Johnson and Wyandotte counties and part of rural Miami County. Last year, though, Trump lost (narrowly), 47.2% to 46.0%. The DCCC ran one of their GOP-lite candidates, Jay Sidie, and he lost in a rout-- 51.3% to 40.6%, underperforming even Hillary. Maybe they could have figured out he was the wrong candidate when they saw how well Bernie did in Kansas against Hillary. Bernie won every district in the state and he won KS-03 62.1% to 37.9%. But the DCCC doesn't pay attention to inconvenient facts like that.

Last year the district's PVI was R+6 but now it's R+4, easily the least red district in the state. Jay Sidie, the guy from last cycle, is running again-- as are at least 4 other candidates. One is the kind of forthright progressive that Kansas voters seem interested in as an antidote to the status quo. We asked him to introduce himself.

Who I am and our campaign
-by Brent Welder

Pouring concrete in scorching summer heat and waiting tables on nights and weekends, I worked my way through college. I never had a rich dad that could loan me a million dollars. But I did have a mom and dad who made sure I had solid Midwest values and a strong work ethic.

From an early age, I learned the importance of standing up for what I thought was right. That’s why I have fought my whole life for workers’ rights through working for labor unions and progressive candidates, like Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders inspired me. From the first time I heard him speak, I knew I had found someone who finally said everything I knew what was right—from a $15 per hour minimum wage to single payer heath care system to creating a government that works for us, not the wealthy 1%.

So I got involved. I started organizing locally, then got elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Then Bernie Sanders nominated me to serve on the National Platform Committee. I wrote an amendment to ban corporate money from elections, and we passed the most progressive platform in history.

Disillusioned with politics as normal and poor decisions leading up to the November elections, I realized that I needed to do more. It was time for me to step up and put it all on the line.

I am running because I am tired of billionaires and giant corporations having too much control over our government. We need to get money out of politics, that’s why I’m not accepting any corporate PAC money. I am committed to fighting for the issues I care for (expanded list), including:
Fighting for US, Not Billionaires or Giant Corporations
Fighting for a $15 Minimum Wage
Fighting for Middle Class Workers and Labor
Fighting for Medicare for All
Fighting for Women’s Equality
Fighting for Racial Justice
Fighting for Immigration Reform
Why can I win Kansas-03?

Kansas-03 is 1 of only 5 Republican districts that Clinton won in the general and Bernie won in the primary. Bernie won the primary with 62% of the vote. The Republican that currently holds the seat, Kevin Yoder, has voted with Trump 97% of the time, even though Trump’s negatives are the third highest of any swing district in the country. Polling has Yoder losing to a generic Democrat by 6%. Therefore, it is very likely to become a Democratic seat in 2018.

I helped to organize this district for Bernie. My wife and I are labor lawyers with deep ties to the community. I have already received Our Revolution Kansas City and my first union endorsement from BMWED. I have what it takes to win-- the drive, the story, and you.

My Republican opponent, Kevin Yoder is raking in the corporate PAC money, but our campaign is staying strong with donations from people like you. I can’t do this without you. Together we are stronger than any handful of billionaires trying to corrupt our economy and political process. Donate today.

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