Sunday, September 24, 2017

Germany Had A Placid Election With No Surprises-- But Now There Will Be Nazis In The Bundestag


Angela Merkel didn't start fighting with any German sports stars or call any foreign leaders tacky names when she made her victory speech earlier today. Do you think Germans felt rooked? I doubt it. Things went pretty much as expected. It was her fourth consecutive national win. The German government prevented Kremlin interference and her party won a tepid victory and will now begin putting together a coalition government.

The new German Nazi Party, which calls itself "Alternative for Germany" (AfD) has no deputies in the Bundestag. But everyone knew that that was about to change and that for the first time since denazification in the late 1940s, there will be actual Nazis in the German Parliament. The last poll before voting started (NSA/YouGov), showed the Nazis with momentum, especially in what was formerly East Germany, the most backward part of the country. The poll showed them with the 3rd highest total (13%) behind Angela Merkel's right-of-center CDU/CSU with 33% and the left-of-center SPD (20.5%). In the end the Nazis scored 13.3% (21.5% in East Germany), Merkel's CDU/CSU scored 34.7% and the Labor party fell precipitously to 21.6%. The Greens wound up with 8.9%, Linke, the actual leftist party with 9.2% and the FDP, a business party 10.7%. Any party with over 5% of the national vote is eligible to have delegates in the Bundestag. The Nazis look like they could end up with between 80 and 90 seats in Parliament. Marine Le Pen, head of the French Nazi Party tweeted her congratulations. [UPDATE: The Nazis have wound up with 94 seats in the Bundestag.

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At 1:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fascists are the bully boys without whom corporatism can't rule. Ours are forming in the USA. Just look at the cops marching recently. And it's not much of a stretch to see those loons from Charlottesville get organized into a regular Freikorps to "assist" the police in times of "unrest".

Unrest is coming. Trumps attack on sports professionals is but the strategic shift of the assault against non-whites. What irks Trump the most about these new targets is that many of these men likely have as much money as he really has (ten billion, my ass!), and he wants to see them all reduced to the level of organ grinder monkeys. How DARE they make such an income!

There will be blood. Neither major party is willing to do anything about Trump as he and his troglodyte minions drag the nation to the edge of the pit, looking to throw us in. It can only escalate. After all, it makes money for the media which will cover it!

At 5:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But everyone knew that that was about to change and that for the first time since denazification in the late 1940s, there will be actual Nazis in the German Parliament."

This is just not true. There were dozens of former Nazi party members in the German Parliament, several of them senior leaders such as cabinet members and at least one state governor. They were members of some of the "respectable" German political parties.

This kind of ignorant criticism of the AfD does not win support.


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