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Mike Pence To Run For President While Running From Himself: Not Good.


-by Noah

For the last few days, there has been much talk about whether or not Vice President Mike Pence is planning to run against Donald Jackass for president in 2020. I have to laugh at the question. Of course, he’s running. Why else would he have formed his own PAC a couple of months ago? It’s not the usual action of a VP. Pence may be a complete nutcase with a secret life that he barely keeps hidden, and he’s obviously another in an endless line of Republican psychotics and sociopaths but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s entirely stupid.

While the PAC would enable him to campaign for GOP senators and congresspersons, there’s really only one other big reason why he’d form a PAC. That would be to raise money for his own legal expenses should the various investigations going on involve him in some way or uncover some skeletons of another kind lurking in one of his closets. Time will tell the tale on that.

Other pertinent questions we should ask regarding this subject are: 1) Will Pence launch a primary fight against his incompetent or incapacitated boss whose approval ratings continue and continue to sink? Or, 2) Will he already be president when 2020 rolls around due to Trump’s exploding dementia or something uncovered by Robert Mueller’s people? Either way, other Republikooks will be joining in.

Pence is vehemently denying all of this, of course, but politicians always deny they are running, right up until the minute they make the official announcement. There is also the added reason that his boss, Señor Trumpanzee is so far beyond paranoia that he can barely function as president or anything else.

Pence is on record as being a huge supporter of Lord Tiny Hands, aka The Orange Fascist, aka Señor Trumpanzee. He’s even on record as saying that Trump is a man of great character:
Character matters to the presidency and Donald Trump will bring the highest level of integrity to the highest office in the land.
Perhaps for Pence to say that, he had to be the highest official in the land. Pence’s statement as to Trump’s character is either an indication of his own insanity, hideously bad judgment and unsuitability for the job, or his own total corruption. All of the above is even more likely.

The case can be made that Pence is already really the man behind the curtain in the Trump administration. Trump himself said, more than once, that he wanted a VP that would run all things foreign and domestic while he did his own thing (i.e. play golf and try to run the Trump family businesses to the best of his fading abilities). Having a man in place whose main job and best talent is the ability to channel Trump is way less than assuring but it gives us a great picture of what a Pence presidency would look like. Between Pence and the recent acquisition of Gen. John Kelly as White House Chief of Staff, one can be forgiven for wondering what it is that Señor Trumpanzee will soon actually be doing, other than his “golfing,” tweeting, leering, drooling and signing documents placed in front of him.

Given all of this, the idea that Pence is in an extremely active role at the top of our government is anything but reassuring. Like his boss, his self-discipline is very suspect. What else can you say about a man who so distrusts his own self-discipline that he insists his wife accompany him as a chaperone wherever and whenever he might encounter various temptations. If he were anything close to being capable of behaving like a rock solid adult, this wouldn’t be necessary.

So where does all of this leave us. Some say that Pence is at least more mentally stable than Lord Tiny Hands. Perhaps, but I look at it this way: Trump lives in no reality at all. Trump’s reality is not fixed in any time or space. Pence’s is but the reality that Pence fancies himself living in is more like the world of colonial Puritan 1620, not 2020. It’s a specific place and time. We at least know he’s positioned somewhere in some time on Earth, but, if that’s a definition of comparative mental stability, so be it. Whereas Trump, who is hardly a God-fearing creature, had some Christian evangelicals over to the Oval Office for prayers and a laying on of hands last month to protect him after numerous reports of practitioners of witchcraft casting spells to bind him, a President Pence, living in 1620 would likely be seeing actual witches, at least in his mind, and be calling for their burning at the stake just like he already calls for our gay brothers and sisters to be submitted to an archaic and barbaric faux medical procedure known as Gay Conversion Therapy (electroshock therapy) to cure them of their homosexuality. That amounts to a controlled electrocution. What demons reside in a man who sees this as a solution to anything, let alone sees homosexuality as something that requires a solution? We know what you are running for, Mike Pence, but what are you running from, Mike Pence? What frightens you so much? I’ll tell you one thing. Whatever it is, your wife and all the military might at the disposal of a Commander-in-Chief won’t be able to protect you.

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At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Michael Simmons said...

And the shits just keep on comin'...

At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) like cheney during the "W" admin, jesus h. pence is the de-facto president. W was content living in the shadows except for tax cuts and education devolution and cheney was happy to let him have those.
Pence is responsible for fixing the orange-utang's fuckups (personnel wise) and gave the drumpfsterfire the list of judges he trotted out promising to nom one for the seat cynically denied Garland. Thus gorsuch who is a clone of scalia but not Italian. Trump never heard of him until the nom.
pence is the drumpfsterfire's liaison with the religious fucktards. He speaks their language and shares their delusions. The less drumpfsterfire personally interacts with them the better the charade can be maintained.
Unfortunately, saint pence is also chief apologist and excuse-maker, which keeps him busy.

He's going to run. period. He'll either inherit the oval before 2020 or he's going to collude with the RNC to stage a coup.

I'm unconvinced that an open misogynist and lover of the rich can win an electoral college victory without professing hate the way the retard did. He's got all the religious hatreds and he sure does hate women and the poor. But a self-avowed Christian professing hatred of all nonwhites?
Are all American Christians such hypocrites? Who would jesus hate? impoverish? deprive? starve? torture? kill?
When pence runs, we'll find out right from the messiah's mouth.

At 7:32 PM, Blogger Thomas Ten Bears said...

So that's why my spells didn't bind, the crafty devils were prayin' and layin' on of hands! Have to take it up a step.

At 6:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TTB, keep casting. Their gawd must soon realize he's backing some real loser evil demons and just start saying no.

Patience my friend.

At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is hilarious to read. It's sad that a wonderful man like Mike Pence is talked about so badly. This man has served the great state of Indiana with pride and respect for many years. He not only was a wonderful governor, but he along with Mitch Daniels made Indiana one of the most fiscally stable states in the nation. Just because he is a Christian and likes to show it, does not make him a terrible man, it makes him a true follower. I stand up for VP Pence and what he stands for, and standing up for his morals! This is by far the most liberal article I have ever read!

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Noah said...

Dear Anonymous 11:50,

Thank you for your comment. I want you to know that you have inspired me to write another post about Mike Pence. It will be available in a few days, so, please look forward to it.

As for calling my post liberal... well, I don't really consider myself a liberal because I find liberals, or at least so-called liberals, too willing to compromise and appease the evils of people like McConnell, Ryan, and their ilk who so aspire to be mass-murderers.

Oh well, at least you didn't call me a Republican. That would be downright insulting.

Thanks again. Much appreciated. Your comment helps, maybe more than you realize.


At 4:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

11:50, so you also think, as does pence, that jesus would have killed up to 20-odd million hapless americans for the sin of not being wealthy enough to afford health insurance and/or meds?

Morality ain't a word. It's what you do to others in the name of greed, profits and god... in that order. If your god was just, he'd send you all to the depths to burn forever instead of foisting such evil upon those in mankind who are powerless to defend themselves from it.

But your god is imaginary... which is why you and pence are not now pillars of salt.

May you get bone cancer the day before your health insurance is cancelled. I'm sure you'd celebrate the free market.


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