Saturday, August 12, 2017

Candidate Tips From Andy Millard: How To Use Green Screen Videos To Expand Your Reach


So many candidates told me that they found Andy Millard's advice to candidates column useful in July that I figured I'd share his latest as well. July was very general. This one is very specific-- the use of green screens in video-making.

The video above gives you seven tips for using the green screen technique effectively. Andy shared 4 more below:
Illuminating the green screen behind you with video lights might help produce a cleaner key. The main goal is to have an even hue across the entire green screen so that the editing software doesn't have to guess which parts to key out.
Have your subject stand well in front of the green screen-- ten feet is usually a good distance. Otherwise some of the green from the screen might reflect on the subject, which can make for a blurry key.
You'll notice that all the "location" backgrounds in the video are slightly blurry. That's intentional; it makes the shot more believable. A good camera will focus on the subject, leaving the background at least somewhat out of focus-- so we recreate that effect by blurring the background a little.
Don't let your subject wear green! The editing program will pick up on it and key it out, making the speaker look like they have holes in them. Not a good look for a modern professional.
​He adds that there are tons of little tricks and techniques to improve your chroma key project. You can spend a ton of time and still end up with a less-than-perfect video. But if you've got the time... well, he encourages candidates and their campaigns to give it a try.

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