Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Contract With America It's Not


Last month a witty Democratic operative was heartless: "We no longer have a party caucus capable of riding this wave. We have 80-year-old leaders and 90-year-old ranking members. This isn't a party. It's a giant assisted living center. Complete with field trips, gym, dining room and attendants." Heartless but... determined to rip off one of the scabs that has turned the Democratic Party into something-- at best-- just less horrible than the Republican Party.

The energy and ideas and activism that are propelling the progressive movement forward-- and could help defeat Republicans in 2018-- is unrelated to Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Jim Clyburn, Joe Crowley and their incompetent and corrupt House leadership team. None of them are among the members of Congress who have worked with and been inspired by the resistance.

So, of course the new DCCC logo/slogan/whatever is nothing but laughable. Do you wonder why polls show that progressives are less motivated than Trumpists to show up and vote in 2018? I wonder how much consultants were paid to come up with this and how many hours of debate went into the decision. Is the slogan as powerful as "Make America Great Again?" The guy who broke the news that the DCCC had come up with this-- instead of a substantive platform to run on-- Jeff Stein, reported that a member of Congress told him that the DCCC is releasing the new slogan on Monday-- "A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages." Stein added that the congressmember "noted that this is the result of months of polling and internal deliberations among the House Democratic caucus." Maybe instead of all those internal deliberations and that expensive polling, they should have spent some time paying attention to Bernie and coming to grips with why exactly he's the most popular politician in America while their leader, Nancy Pelosi is tied with Paul Ryan as the least popular-- in the eyes of the voting public-- member of the House.

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At 11:48 AM, Anonymous wjbill said...

Everyone will their own moat! Awesome!

At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just as the GOP hates everything Obama and strives mightily to eliminate it, so too does the DNC hate everything Bernie and strives mightily to eliminate it. The reason in both cases is simply that each of these men violated that traditional Texas death sentence of messing with a man's money.

Obamacare got between insurance companies and their Republican profit defenders, which reduced the campaign contribution funds enough for greedy Republicans to notice that a half-Black man needed to be reminded of his place. In his case, it worked completely.

Bernie Sanders got between corporatist sellout Democrats and the corporate campaign contributions used to pay Democrats to throw elections by putting up GOP-lite candidates instead of real Democrats. Bernie roused the working class peasantry, who have been expected for 40 years to shut up and take what they are given without any complaints or hopes for improvement. Bernie was blamed for the flawed attempt to put HER! on the Oval Office Throne failing, even though HER! couldn't win any kind of a race without any competition. The DNC noticed that an avowed Democratic Socialist was successfully running a real race against HER!, which meant that no dirty trick was too low to use in defense of the Status Quo and all of the money paid out to throw the elections. IN his case, it has only worked partially. Bernie hasn't stopped campaigning on the issues even if he himself is not promoting himself for an office.

The last straw for most people will be when the GOP kills off the medical care industry in this nation. I just hope that the people remember the techniques used by the Vietcong against our troops when they go after the greedheads, for why should the greedhead deaths be painless?

At 8:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

4:53 speaks truth. So... why does Bernie continue to flack for the corrupt assholes who hate him? It's a rhetorical question. Clearly, he needs the DSCC money for something.

"Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages" jeezis, could they be any lamer?

Like gingrich's "contract on America", it's not only lame, it's a total lie.

Fortunately for gingrich, he was trying to flummox people who aren't aware they're alive... only that they hate everyone not like themselves.

I'm assuming that Pelosi, scummer et al didn't come up with this horseshit (they're against all the "Betters") hoping to fool their voters. They're mostly just a little more self-aware than the R voters, but not much. However, it would appear that they are targeting the sub-sentients who might not hate quite so much. It's a straight theft of the drumpfsterfire's appeal to the colossally stupid who hate.

But you had to expect this, didn't you? The corrupt democraps can't try to appeal to their own historic demos because they've done nothing but betray them for 40 years. And they can't appeal to the dormant third who never vote for the same reason. So their only hope for winning or even treading water as the irrelevant minority is to turn as many fucktards as they lose on the left.

The democraps do nothing but prove that they need to be euthanized. And if lefty voters won't pull their heads out of their asses, it now looks like they will slowly hold the pillow over their own faces. Problem is, will they finish their suicidal plunge or will human-caused climate change kill humankind first. It WOULD be poetic if both were coincident.

It sure would be nice if all these good people that BA is endorsing would coalesce into a true left party and go from there. Most of them face losing as democraps anyway. How would losing as Independents or Greens be different than losing because Pelosi or scummer sabotaged their campaigns?


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