Saturday, June 17, 2017

Throwing It Back In Trump’s Face


-by Noah

Donald J. Trump has run his life as a bully. He shoots off his mouth as a bully. He sues as a bully. He refuses to pay contractors agreed amounts for work and threatens them if they don’t take less. He bullied his way through the 2016 campaign season. He encourages violence at his rallies. He hangs up on prime ministers. He shoves them aside. He recently insulted the country of Qatar when they wouldn’t rubber stamp his family’s business plans in their country, even heightening diplomatic pressure on them. He thinks he can use Twitter to bully the people investigating him. He thinks he can bully his way past the Constitution. He’s not alone in that, but, he is currently pre-eminent in it. The stories are numerous. He’s a taker. He’s a user. He’s a bully.

Too many people never realize that the way to stop a bully in the playground is to just walk up to them and drive your fist through their face. They then start crying and running home to mommy. It’s a joy to behold. In baseball, if a pitcher throws at your head, you can’t get away with running out to the mound bat in hand, but you do have options. You can try to line the next pitch right at him, or, if you get on base, you put a little extra into taking out the second baseman. Message delivered. More sophisticated variations of the fist in the face happen in the corporate world every day.

With all of this in mind, I cheered and was amused by the actions of the VoteVets organization ( a few days ago. Vote has the motto “Country. Service. Action.” They obviously support veterans causes and they support democratic veterans who want to run for office. When Señor Trumpanzee recently launched a tweet decrying the 9th Circuit Court’s decision on his failing travel ban, Will Fischer, Vote Vets’ Director of Government Relations threw the tweet of the orange fascist right back in his face for all to see. Fischer is an Iraq War veteran, so, he knows something about fighting back. Here’s the succession of tweets. First, the tweet from Señor Trumpanzee, After that, came a fusillade of tweets from Fischer.
• Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump-
Well, as predicted, the 9th Circuit did it again- Ruled against the TRAVEL BAN
at such a dangerous time in the history of our country. S.C.
Fischer, sick of Trump’s tweets, tweets that he somehow thinks will bend people, even courts to his will, struck back with the truth about just who is dangerous to our country.
• VoteVets @votevets-
B/c your Muslim ban is unconstitutional, immoral, & a threat to our nat’l security.
You are a threat to our nat’l security, @realDonaldTrump

VoteVets @votevets-
While we’re on it, @realDonaldTrump, the way you treat our allies is a threat to
our nat’l security.

VoteVets @votevets-
The way you @realDonaldTrump, praise homicidal maniacs like Duterte is a
threat to our nat’l security.

VoteVets @votevets-
The way @realDonaldTrump fawns over and fan dances for Putin is a threat to
our nat’l security.
It brings a smile to my face just imagining that at this point, the Trumpanzee is on the ropes, whining and sweating in his bathrobe, seething, reaching for a bottle of pills or bottle of fine Russian vodka left behind by the Russians who visited him in the oval office. Maybe he’s even reaching for his desk phone to call Putin to ask what to do. Fischer wasn’t through telling off the orange idiot.
VoteVets @votevets-
The cavalier way @realDonaldTrump speaks about sending young women and
men to war (not HIS kids) is a threat to our national security.

VoteVets @votevets-
@realDonaldTrump’s climate change denials (despite the opinion of SecDef
Mattis) are a threat to our national security.
And, lastly
VoteVets @votevets-
@realDonaldTrump, the way you and your family violate the Emoluments Clause
is a threat to our nat’l security.
After that last tweet, Señor Trumpanzee wilted. He crumbled. He could take no more. He did what bully does when you strike back. Like any bully eventually, his weakness had been found, so he blocked Fischer’s votevets twitter account. Like a beaten Roberto Duran, he said “No mas.” He could answer the call no more.
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump-
@realDonaldTrump blocked you
You are blocked from following @realDonaldTrump and viewing
@realDonaldTrump’s Tweets
Using twitter as a fist may seem like a small thing. It may even seem as childish as the target, but, remember, this is Trump we’re talking about. The Trumpanzee has a fragile psyche and a very thin skin. He’s no Obama, and he’s certainly no Ike or FDR. He’s not built for the job. He can’t take the abuse that comes with it. That’s why he resorts to the only thing he can, bullying like any bully, even trying to bully the courts.

By now, I’m sure Will Fischer has another phone and a new twitter account, just for one purpose. During WW2, there were posters of Rosie the Riveter, doing her small bit for the fight against fascism. Maybe we can get a Rosie the Tweeter poster for this war, and it is a war. It’s a war that has been fought against the American people for too long. Trump is merely it’s loudest and weakest bully. Senor Trumpanzee can dish it out but he can’t take it. He is a man-child, locked in the playground of the mind: not a good thing at all for a president to be. Twitter is a small weapon but every little bit helps save the country. Use it freely. One mosquito is irritating. Waves and waves of mosquitoes are a force of nature. You can’t block them all. It would take you all day every day. Send this bully back crying to his mommy, a peeing Russian whore, or whatever, maybe just his little golden security blankie.

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At 2:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't take on heroes lightly, but Will Fischer, Vote Vets’ Director of Government Relations, has become my latest. THIS is how veterans should be rising to the defense of the nation they served.

Thanks for your latest service to your nation, Will Fischer!

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

most enjoyable post I've read in a very long time.

At 4:30 PM, Anonymous Michael Simmons said...

We must take the fight to the enemy's turf. Good on ye, Will! You too Noah.

At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump talks tough, presses his lips and gives a pretty good take on Mussolini's jutting jaw. But inside, he's as soft as puppy shit. Robert Mueller, on the other hand, is a real tough guy as are some members of his legal / investigative team. The showdown - and it will come - will be entertaining.

I still think that Trump's voters (I saw a woman shopping at Home Depot yesterday wearing a T-shirt that proclaimed "Proud to be Deplorable") will stick with him because he feeds their social and economic fears at the same time he feeds the Republican establishment's greed.

Fear and greed - the magic formula.

At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

5:08, you forgot the other 2 legs on that very short stool... hate and stupidity.


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