Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The World's Second Most Evil Billionaire-- After Putin-- Put Trump In The White House... What Else Does He Have In Mind?


Two faces of evil-- pure evil threatening planet earth

The State University of New York at Stony Brook, my alma mater, proposed having a dinner honoring me and one of their major donors, someone who didn't go to the school but who lived a stone's throw from the Long Island campus. I recognized the name. At the time he was the single biggest contributor to Ted Cruz's presidential campaign-- far right crackpot and hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer. I suggested they check out DWT more closely and re-think their plans. It didn't take long before there were two dinners on two separate evenings.

Mercer and his lunatic fringe daughter, Rebekah, came on my radar considerably before the media put the two nuts into the public consciousness... and I've been warning this community about them since 2012. Many people, though, are still discovering the family that is probably the biggest threat to American democracy in the entire world. Yesterday the New York Daily News let their readers know about the monsters in the castle just up the road. Reporter Adam Edelman accused Mercer-- not Putin-- of being "the man behind the millions of Twitter bots President Trump counts on as followers who could be employed to target voters with misleading or fake news on social media... [T]he scheme relies on the quiet guidance of Robert Mercer, a reclusive Republican mega-donor and staunch Trump supporter." Yeah, I forgot to mention, Mercer went from being the world's biggest Cruz contributor to the world's biggest Trump contributor. Staying behind the curtain, he and the daughter also hooked Trump up with-- and paid-- Bannon, Bossie, Kellyann Con-man and several of the other monstrosities who run Trump's White House, as well as with Cambridge Analytica, which, along with Breitbart News, Mercer owns. So who is this guy destroying the world?
He’s a former computer scientist who, decades ago, helped build the technology at IBM that the computer giant would later use to create its Watson super-computer. He also helped other companies like Apple form the basis for its Siri platform.

Trump, meanwhile, has accrued among his 30 million Twitter followers — 15 million of which are actually bots that experts have told the Daily News could be “weaponized” to spread fake and misleading news stories that favor the White House or distract from the scandals it now faces.

But with the subtle introduction of advanced technology, by individuals familiar with artificial intelligence, their effectiveness as it pertains to targeting users and interacting with them could escalate rapidly.

“Fooling humans into doing things in the electronic realm turned out to be really easy,” said Simon Crosby, the chief technology officer at a firm called Bromium, pointing to well-documented campaigns that are thought to have influenced the 2016 presidential race and the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom.

“But with a few extra steps that seem available in the right circles, it could get even easier,” he added.

Some of the technology that’s part of Watson, explained Crosby and two other computer scientists who preferred to keep their identifies private, can “quickly build, test and deploy bots or virtual agents across mobile devices or messaging platforms to create natural conversations between apps and users.”

That technology is even built to understand a user’s personality, tone and emotion and interact naturally with people.

“You have arbitrary and ridiculous information spread very quickly, and now to targeted user more susceptible to believing it and spreading it, and we now know that it influences people. We saw it in the election, with Brexit,” he said.

“Ultimately, the problem is that anybody can talk to anybody, especially if ‘anybody’ is a bot on Twitter or Facebook who knows a lot about you.”

All of the scientists were keen to point that such efforts would not be employed by Watson, an entity owned and patented by IBM.

Rather, they indicated, it would appear to make sense for a man familiar with its inner workings to draw on his own expertise to help hone a bot-operation for a political candidate.

While pretty much any one computer scientist with the right motives could help someone in the Trump camp do such a thing-- most AI technology at this moment is open source and freely available online if one knows where to look-- the proximity of Mercer to the Trump camp, in particular, raises questions.

Long before making his fortune at Renaissance Technologies, his current hedge fund, Mercer, 70, worked at IBM, where his name appeared on several patents and on in many publications and studies about “Brown clustering,” which the computer giant used to create its Watson Artificial Intelligence systems.
As usual, Mercer refused to answer any questions about his involvement with Trump and with Cambridge Analytica.

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At 6:06 PM, Blogger Gadfly said...

Darn, I thought I was going to find out that Hillary Clinton is a billionaire.

At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely should be a James Bond film. Monstrous bad guy with daughter supporter. Who is the good guy/gal? The USA is waiting for this person to emerge and save us all. Mueller? He now has the most enormous responsibility - to expose Trump and bring him down.

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mueller won't get the chance. Trump will fire him as well, expecting the Congressional Republicans to defend him against the Democrats. The Democrats will do as they always do - simper and go whimper in the corner lest they lose their "campaign contributions".


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