Thursday, April 06, 2017

The Trumpanzee Regime And ProPublica-- Like A Vampire To Sun Light


A couple days ago, Spicy Spice babbled gratuitously that "Just because a left-wing blog makes the point of something changing, doesn’t mean it actually happened." It was referring to some ethical questions about the Trumpanzee family-- ethical questions Trump's attorney, Alan Garten, has already admitted were being dealt with-- having been reported by ProPublica. I suppose Spicy doesn't want to admit he knows what ProPublica is, despite the fact that they've won 3 Pulitzers for journalism and that they're respected by all "sides," at least by anyone looking for objective reality in reportage.

When ProPublica was founded a decade ago, Paul Steiger of the Wall Street Journal was hired as editor in chief. Questioned about the fledgling organization's ability to stay unbiased, Steiger told Jim Lehrer on Newshour that "Coming into this, when I talked to Herb and Marion Sandler [the founders, who are Democrats], one of my concerns was precisely this question of independence and nonpartisanship... My history has been doing 'down the middle' reporting. And so when I talked to Herb and Marion I said 'Are you comfortable with that?' They said, 'Absolutely.' I said, 'Well, suppose we did an expose of some of the left leaning organizations that you have supported or that are friendly to what you've supported in the past.' They said, 'No problem.' And when we set up our organizational structure, the board of directors, on which I sit and which Herb is the chairman, does not know in advance what we're going to report on."

The organization is, simply put, an independent nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. They responded to Spicy's gratuitous insult with a tweet story:

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