Sunday, April 09, 2017

Summer Reading... Or Just Something To Put Up On The Shelf Next To Yer Buy-Bull?


The list price is $27.00 but you can buy the Newtster's newest book, Understanding Señor Trumpanzee for just $17.70 on Amazon almost 2 months before it comes out. (Wait and you'll be able to buy it on the bargain table for $1.49 like all of Newt Gingriich's other books.) Gingrich is taking a big chance releasing what should be a blog post as a book. What if Señor Trumpanzee's impeachment proceedings begin just before the book comes out?

"In Understanding Trump," offers Amazon, "Newt Gingrich provides insight and inspiration for Americans as they embrace and learn about their new president." Inspiration? Imagine!
Donald Trump and "Trumpism " represent a profound change in the trajectory of American government, politics, and culture. Trump is the only person ever elected president without holding elected political office or serving as a general in the military. His principles instead grow out of five decades of business and celebrity success. This is why President Trump behaves differently than traditional politicians-- because his life experience has been unlike most traditional politicians.

Understanding Trump requires a willingness to study him as the remarkable phenomenon he is. This book explains Trump's actions so far and will help readers to understand the emerging movement and administration.

Newt Gingrich says President Trump should begin every day by reviewing his campaign promises. Trump owes his presidency to the people who believed in him as a candidate, not to the elites in government and the media who have expressed contempt for him since he began his campaign to become president.

"Reasonableness" would be the death of Trumpism. The very essence of Trump's mission is a willingness to enact policies and set goals that send our country in a bold new direction-- which is "unreasonable" to Washington but sensible to millions of Americans.
And the Kindle version is just $13.99.

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At 6:26 PM, Blogger joel hanes said...

Something to hide under or behind other books in the bookstore

Leroy is one of the authors of our current troubles.

At 5:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A book by Gingrich on Herr Hair!?! Is there ANY wonder why we are the laughing stock of the "other" 95% of the world?

In a characteristic GOP move, I noticed Herr Hair and his congressional sidekick monsters, will be cutting heating oil programs for the poor.

By next winter, the above-mentioned book will have bombed so there will be excess books on hand. Perhaps they can be substituted for the fuel oil.

John Puma

At 7:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

America's second biggest malignant narcissist writing about its biggest. America truly sucks!

Just #2 trying to remain relevant in #1s dystopian America clusterfuck.

JP, agree totally. laughingstock. with nukes and a damn fool who wants to use them.


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