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Ezra Cohen-Watnick-- A New Name In Señor Trumpanzee's Incredible Putin-Gate Scandal


There are no known photographs of Ezra Cohen-Watnick outside the Kremlin

In 2015 Flynn wrote The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies and one would not be led to conclude he was already working for Putin by reading it. Like Jeff Sessions, he doesn't seem to have become a Putin stooge until after he went to work for Trump, even though he began working for RT-- a Kremlin propaganda network-- in 2014 and the following year was paid $45,000 for attending RT’s gala dinner in Moscow, where he sat next to Putin and, notoriously, led a standing ovation for the fascist dictator. The question, though, "for how long before Trump rewarded Putin by placing Flynn as his National Security Advisor had Flynn been working for Russia?" is basically a non-starter. That said, it's worth taking a look at this weekend's Guardian article about Flynn.

It started familiarly enough: "US and UK officials were troubled " by Flynn's contacts in Moscow and there was talk about "worrisome behavior," basically that Flynn is an erratic nutter with some notable mental problems. After some dreary paragraphs offering a recap of everything we're all bored hearing about, though, some new info: enter Cambridge University grad student Svetlana Lokhova, February 2014.

At the time, Flynn was one of the top US spies and the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), which provides information to the Pentagon about the military strengths and intentions of other states and terrorist groups.

A historian and a leading expert on Soviet espionage, Lokhova has claimed to have unique access to previously classified Soviet-era material in Moscow. She says her forthcoming book makes groundbreaking revelations about Soviet military intelligence operations run by the GRU-- Russia’s military spy agency.

Western historians say access to intelligence agency records in Moscow has been severely restricted under Vladimir Putin. One Russian historian who has written extensively on Russian intelligence said the situation with the GRU was “a complete disaster.”

...Flynn and Lokhova were introduced to each other at the end of a dinner... Flynn says the meeting with Lokhova was “incidental” and lasted just 20 minutes. However, Andrew has said Flynn invited Lokhova to accompany him on his next official visit to Moscow to help with simultaneous translation. The trip fell through soon afterwards because of Putin’s annexation of Crimea, Andrew wrote in the Sunday Times.

The Guardian understands Flynn and Lokhova remained in email contact, conducted through an unclassified channel. In one email exchange described by Andrew, Flynn signed himself as “General Misha,” Russian for Mike.

Flynn never disclosed his contact-- like alone any kind of a relationship-- with Lokhova, which would be been standard operating procedure. The Guardian reported that "Multiple sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the CIA and FBI were discussing this episode, along with many others, as they assessed Flynn’s suitability to serve as national security adviser. The Cambridge meeting was part of a wider pattern of "maverick" behavior which included repeated contacts with Russia, the sources said. Keep in mind that then Acting Attorney General Sally Yates-- soon after fired by Trump-- told the White House in January that Flynn was vulnerable to blackmail by Russian intelligence.

As the Flynn saga continues to unwind, it has become clear that one bit of lasting damage he has done was to bring another Putin stooge into the White House, who's still there: Ezra Cohen-Watnick. Who? You need to know. He's the 30 year old senior director for intelligence at the National Security Council and he's been in the news lately because he was one of the 3 who surreptitiously gave Devin Nunes the "intelligence" the White House want dot use to justify Trump's crackpot tweets about Obama tapping his wires. When Lt. General H.R. McMaster was told he would have hiring and firing authority if he took Flynn's post as National Security Advisor, he agreed and immediately fired Cohen-Watnick, who intelligence services suspect of being untrustworthy. He was immediately overruled by Comrades Bannon and Kushner-in-law. Cohen-Watnick will eventually be charged with purloining classified intelligence reports and using them for political purposes, a crime.

You can't have a good spy mystery without at least one femme-fatale-- here's two. The one on the left MAY be Becky Miller and the one on the right is General Misha's friend Svetlana Lokhova

According to the Palmer Report, "Holocaust attorney E. Randol Schoenberg has collaborated with genealogist Renee Steinig to unearth something surreal. Ezra Cohen-Watnick’s wife Becky did public relations for the Russian government. The source: her own mother, Vicki Fraser. Schoenberg points to an oral history provided by Fraser which states that her daughter Becky Miller 'works for Ketchum, a PR and marketing firm in Washington, D.C. and her big challenges right now are Ketchum is responsible for providing PR and marketing to try to make Russia look better which is particularly difficult when they’re invading other countries and when Putin is somewhat out of control.' Because Ezra Cohen-Watnick’s wife has been doing public relations for the Russian government for a living, it means their household income partially comes from Vladimir Putin. Yet somehow this guy has a high ranking job in the White House. And again, the source on this is his own mother-in-law, unearthed by a respected Holocaust attorney, so this is as solid as it gets. Palmer Report has noted that since Schoenberg published his findings, Becky Miller has almost immediately deleted her LinkedIn profile which listed her as still working for Putin’s PR firm."

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At 12:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bill Palmer used to run the Daily News Bin, and it was basically a pro-Hillary Clinton “news site.”


"Here’s a list of all the speeches for which (WJ) Clinton received a fee of $500,000 or higher, including the year, location, host and actual fee:

2003 -- Japan, $500,000 Sakura Asset Management (Japanese finance corporation) (A note: This speech was canceled, but the fee went to Clinton’s presidential library foundation);

2008 -- California, $500,000, Power Within (life coach Anthony Robbins’ brand);

2010 -- Russia, $500,000, Renaissance Capital (Russian finance corporation);

2010 -- United Arab Emirates, $500,000, Novo Nordisk (Danish pharmaceutical company);

2011 -- Nigeria, $700,000, THISDAY (newspaper);

2011 -- Austria, $500,000, Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation (Austrian nongovernmental organization);

2011 -- Netherlands, $600,000, Achmea (Dutch finance corporation);

2011 -- China, $550,000, Huatuo CEO Forum (business conference);

2011 -- United Arab Emirates, $500,000, Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (international environmental information organization);

2011 -- Hong Kong, $750,000, Ericsson (Swedish multinational communications technology company);

2012 -- Nigeria, $700,000, THISDAY (newspaper);

2012 -- Austria, $500,000, Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation (Austrian nongovernmental organization);

2012 -- Italy, $500,000, Technogym (fitness equipment manufacturer)."

If HRC were president would DWT be concerned with potential for undue influence those countries might expect from her, they having paid her husband so generously?

Note 2010, $500,000 form a Russian bank and, therefore "partly from Putin."

Of course, this does not include the millions collected by the pay-to-play scheme of the infamous Clinton Foundation.


John Puma

At 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

JP all over it again. This doesn't even touch on her wall street open bribery.

As to Russia, I'm reading more and more that indicate there really might be a there there. Eric Prince, I think, was also active in opening Russia channels. The deep drumpf state has been busy.

of course, all this doesn't matter at all because only the irrelevant Ds seem to give a shit. I say SEEM. Since what they say isn't usually what they mean.

At 4:46 PM, Blogger Armando Hammer said...

John Puma — Trump had a higher speaking fee than either Clinton. Is this proof that he's bought and sold in your eyes? Wait, let me save you the effort of responding: "Of course you don't."


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