Thursday, April 13, 2017

China Is As Successful As A Trump Manipulator As It's Been As A Currency Manipulator


Today MSNBC's morning mental midget show celebrated Señor Tumpanzee discarding virtually the entire electoral platform he used to lure morons into voting for him-- and yes, I admit it; I do feel everyone and anyone who voted for Trump is a moron-- and if that makes you feel bad, I'm not sorry-- time to face the music and go back to school or get a tutor or something. And no, there are no exceptions. If you voted for Trump, you are a moron. Anyway, Wednesday he flip-flopped on a whole slew of issues and Joe Scarborough was so proud of him because he flip-flopped in the right direction on all of them! Hurray!

China is no longer a currency manipulator. NATO is no longer obsolete. The crony capitalism of the Export Import Bank is actually a wonderful thing after all. And Jenet Yellen is just swell too. So he flip-flopped... as long as he doesn't withdraw his statement that Mexicans are rapists, the moron brigade won't care and will continue supporting him. Besides, as Politico put it Wednesday evening, "The man who pledged to cut deals rather than adhere to any ideology-- or to any detailed policy platform-- has, in recent days, demonstrated an incredible willingness to bend his past positions, or abandon them entirely. Sometimes he offers an explanation; sometimes not... From health care and the Export-Import Bank to NATO and to China’s alleged currency manipulation, Trump has made moves that would leave a more traditional politician labeled a flip-flopper. But for Trump, who sold himself in part on a businessman’s flexibility, the moves fit his reputation for unpredictability. "I said it was obsolete," Trump said of NATO during a news conference with Jens Stoltenberg, the body’s secretary general on Wednesday, referring to a comment he made during the campaign. "It’s no longer obsolete."
On China, too, Trump has changed his posture. He regularly, and gleefully, lambasted China on the campaign trail, painting it as a prime culprit for Americans’ economic woes and vowing to toughen up trading policy with the world’s second-largest economy-- first and foremost by labeling the nation a currency manipulator.

“They’re not currency manipulators,” Trump told The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. He said any currency manipulation has ceased and suggested such a label would hurt the prospects of working with China to declaw a nuclear-armed and increasingly belligerent North Korea.

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At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoax #42(b): "ONLY China manipulates its currency."

John Puma

At 3:59 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

What you have is a complete moron in office, just like his voters.

Our President takes a position and changes a position based on a whim, a fleeting urge, an impulse. Trump is volatile and capricious. His stance on anything is like a floating cloud with no grounding. A gust of wind blows it one way or another depending on how he feels in the moment. A strong wind blows it in the opposite direction.

Why did he flip on these issues? Because this suited him in the moment. It is all about what suits him, what he thinks will benefit him in a particular slice of time. He has no other concern, he cares nothing about our country, the American people, the future. He has no rational thought either; no ability to see complexity or plan.

We have a President who is not dependable. There are always new moments coming up and Trump will keep everyone guessing.

Have no fear. Trump can and will flip back on any position any time he feels like it.


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