Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Trump Regime Unravelling Some More-- He's Now Officially A Liar. Traitor Next?


Yesterday was another disaster for Team Trump, first and foremost in the House Intelligence Committee, which publicly questioned FBI Director Jim Comey and NSA Director Mike Rogers. From the very outset the main takeaways were going to be that Trump and his campaign are being investigated by counter-intelligence for what can only be regarded as treason if it pans out-- connivance with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election and that Trump has lied about Obama wire tapping him.

Republicans on the committee immediately went into panic mode and circled the wagons trying desperately to turn the hearing into something about leaks. As GOP presidential candidate and former CIA employee Evan McMullin put it in a tweet during the hearing, "this is why they can't be trusted to investigate." It was clear to anyone paying attention that one party, the Republicans, was all about party over country. It was ugly. Scott Shane, covering it for the NY Times, noted that the committee usually meets behind closed doors and that this was a fairly rare exception. So now Americans know for sure-- not "fake news"-- that the FBI is and has been since July absolutely investigating "the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia’s efforts." That was straight from the horse's mouth. He added that the FBI will make "an assessment of whether any crimes were committed."

Both Comey and Rogers-- in strong, prepared statements-- "definitively dismissed" Señor Trumpanzee’s deranged, Adderall-fueled tweets March 4 claiming that he and his campaign had been the target of eavesdropping ordered by former President Obama.
While the two officials hedged their answers on some questions and declined to answer others, they were unequivocal in rebutting Mr. Trump’s claims.

“I have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the F.B.I.,” Mr. Comey said. “The Department of Justice has asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the Department of Justice and all its components. The department has no information that supports those tweets.”

Admiral Rogers was asked about another theory, first floated on Fox News and repeated by Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary: that Mr. Obama had asked the British spy agency, known as G.C.H.Q., to intercept Mr. Trump’s communications.

“I’ve seen nothing on the N.S.A. side that we engaged in any such activity, nor that anyone ever asked us to engage in such activity,” Admiral Rogers said. Representative Adam Schiff, the committee’s top Democrat, asked what he made of official British denunciations of the G.C.H.Q. claim as “nonsense and utterly ridiculous.”

“Would you agree?” Mr. Schiff asked.

“Yes, sir,” said Admiral Rogers.
I would have loved to have seen Trump's blood pressure readout at that moment. Yesterday, after the hearing, Carol Shea-Porter was speaking for most Democrats when she called for a nonpartisan, independent investigation of Putin-Gate. "For months, I have voiced deep concerns about coordination between President Trump’s campaign and administration and Russian officials as both a Member of Congress and, before that, as a Presidential Elector. Today’s revelation by Director Comey that the FBI is actively investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia indicates these concerns are well-founded. Director Comey’s testimony today made it clearer than ever that we need an immediate independent investigation to find out the extent to which our democratic process and national security have been compromised."

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At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

..um.. where y'all been since this guy first took his daddy's $10 mil and started his "business"? And only fucking NOW he's a liar? He's been a liar his whole life. But "officially" he's only been a liar for 52 years, as he came of age 52 years ago. I suppose.

Treason? not likely. However, pretending to act as the us state department (negotiating sanction easing, for one) is not legal until you are sworn in.
Coordinating vote fraud, if any, is a crime.
Taking money for a campaign COULD be a crime cuz putin and Russia ain't no corporate-person.
Lying about obamanation's "wiretapping" might be libel (since it was a tweet), but American established law gives wide latitude when it comes to: a) the stupidity of the libeler; and 2) when the libelee is a public figure.
Fox and Murdoch, their mouthpieces, producers and editors would be better targets of any libel action since they surely knew it was a lie and were only saying it so drumpf would tweet it. Drumpf being a complete idiot, you see.

Rs going down with the titanic? you expected different? They finally, after almost 40 years marching with their eye on the prize, have all 3 (or 4, depending on whether cheney is right) branches in the jaws of the most evil collection of shitstains since Stalin and Hitler. The FINALLY have the correct puppet in the WH to rubber-stamp whateverthefuck they wanna do. They FINALLY have no opposition "party" and an electorate that is the dumbest in the history of mankind.

This is their time. They're not going down unless they burn it all down with them.

So... thank you Clintons, Pelosi, scummer, reid, hoyer, dodd, frank, "gang of 6", obamanation, rahm, bob rubin... the list is literally 25,000 long, for helping get us here. You hideous corrupt motherfuckers deserve to be burned at the stake with the entire republican party and electorate. You did NOTHING to remedy any evil at all since Reagan babbled his first math error and that "evil empire" speech.

At 4:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would point out that HRC was also under FBI investigation for some time and she was ultimately deemed to have acted recklessly but not criminally.

Did the chair of the House Intel committee offer to subpoena the DNC servers, which were refused to the FBI when it requested them, apparently as part of the Russia investigation?

The Dems can't even run a fair primary campaign that got us into this situation of total GOP control ... and then they actually expect us to believe a "nonpartisan, independent investigation" is possible? Are we to conclude that Herr Hair sharing the adderall?

John Puma

At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no chance that the Democorrupts will properly utilize this gift given to them by the corporatists, for they probably ARE as stupid and venal as the corporatists believe them to be.

IF there was a god, and I don't happen to believe there is, I'd be asking for mercy for the general public, simple people who really don't deserve the coming calamity for being manipulated through media technologies since the 1920s to be docile sheep, whose only purpose is to be the target of advertising campaigns to trade back their meagre wages for the latest profit scheme of the manipulators.

At 7:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well John, if you believe comey, he held the presser to tell everyone that the investigation of $hillbillary's e-ms was finished and $he would not be prosecuted. He also described her guilty of crimes. But whatever. $he was just very very careless... not criminally negligent.

The "investigation" into collusion/ties with Russia by the orange-utang's campaign is ongoing. I'm sure when that is concluded, he'll hold another presser where he'll describe crimes and say there won't be prosecution.

The DNC points are salient.

At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if this site gets periodic cash from DNC consultants or one of Hillary's horrid media ghouls.

"It was clear to anyone paying attention that one party, the Republicans, was all about party over country."

The Democratic Party just lost an election by blatantly putting the 'D' before the people.

At 11:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 7:32 PM:

To which DNC points are you referring?

John Puma

At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really John?


"Did the chair of the House Intel committee offer to subpoena the DNC servers, which were refused to the FBI..."
"The Dems can't even run a fair primary campaign..." DNC implied.


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