Thursday, March 09, 2017

DCCC Rolls Out Their Protection Programs For Incumbents


When we think about the 2018 congressional elections, we usually think about the chances of the Democrats netting the 24 seats they need to take back control of the incredibly unpopular House. But... there are also Democrats in the House who are very nervous, primarily because, though they were reelected in November Trump won their districts. This week the DCCC named 19 incumbents to their Frontline Program. Almost all of them-- with just a few exceptions-- are conservative Democrats who aren't capable of inspiring any kind of grassroots enthusiasm from the base. These are the 19 with their lifetime ProgressivePunch crucial vote score, from worst to best-- as well as the Clinton/Trump scores for the district:
Tom O'Halleran ("ex-Republican Blue Dog-AZ)- ZERO, Hillary 46.6%/Trump 47.7%
Tom Suozzi (centrist-NY)- ZERO, Hillary 51.6%/Trump 45.5%
Josh Gottheimer (very right-wing Blue Dog-NJ)- 14.29, Hillary 47.7%/Trump 48.8%
Stephanie Murphy (Blue Dog-FL)- 14.29, Hillary 51.4%/Trump 44.1%
Charlie Crist ("ex"-Republican-FL)- 33.33, Hillary 49.6%/Trump 46.4%
Sean Patrick Maloney (corrupt New Dem)- 45.29, Hillary 47.1%/Trump 49.0%
Jacky Rosen (clueless conservative-NV)- 42.86, Hillary 46.5%/Trump 47.5%
Cheri Bustos- (right-wing Blue Dog-IL)- 47.81, Hillary 46.7%/Trump 47.4%
Scott Peters (swings right-CA)- 49.23, Hillary 58.1%/Trump 35.6%
Raul Ruiz (swings right-CA)- 49.34, Hillary 52.2%/Trump 43.4%
Ami Bera (ultra-corrupt New Dem)- 50.64, Hillary 52.3%/Trump 40.9%
Brad Schneider (New Dem-IL)- 52.12, Hillary 62.0%/Trump 32.6%
Ann Kuster (New Dem-NH)- 66.50, Hillary 48.6%/Trump 46.2%
Dave Loebsack (centrist-IA)- 69.67, Hillary 45.0%/Trump 49.1%
Salud Carbajal (centrist-CA)- 71.43, Hillary 56.7%/Trump 36.5%
Ruben Kihuen (progressive-NV)- 71.43, Hillary 49.5%/Trump 44.6%
Elizabeth Esty (New Dem-CT)- 73.08, Hillary 49.9.3%/Trump 45.8%
Carol Shea-Porter (progressive-NH)- 75.54, Hillary 46.6%/Trump 48.2%
Rick Nolan (progressive-MN)- 78.15, Hillary 38.6%/Trump 54.2%
The red-colored candidates are in districts Trump won. The candidates who barely won and who have disappointing records that will discourage midterm turnout are the most endangered-- and rightfully so. Some could also be subject to a primary challenge. Example, Ami Bera, who is worthless on every level and should be in prison instead of his poor father who took the fall for him is in a district Hillary did well in but he only won 51.2-48.8%. Tom O'Halleran was a Republican legislator and votes with the Republicans in the House now. He's worthless garbage and the DCCC shouldn't spend a dime trying to save his seat. The only reason he even won was because many Republicans preferred him to the scandal-tarred gay sheriff he ran against Paul Babeu. O'Halleran won 50.8%-43.5% but if the Republicans run a better candidate and AZ-01 Democrats catch on to O'Halleran's game, he'll lose in 2018 no matter how much money Pelosi and Lujan waste on him.

Gottheimer managed to defeat extremely unpopular incumbent-- unpopular even with Republicans-- Scott Garrett, because the GOP had given up on him. Gottheimer is one of the worst of the freshmen Democrats and doesn't deserve reelection. He only won by 10,000 votes (50.5-47.2%) and in 2018 the GOP will recruit someone they can get behind while Democrats will be looking at the guy they elected just spent 2 years-- unless he does a 180-- voting for the Ryan-Trump agenda.

Those are just a few examples. From my perspective the only Democrats on the list the DCCC should spend money on are the ones who vote for progressive legislation and not for Ryan's agenda. I'd be spending money to save Rick Nolan, Carol Shea-Porter, Ruben Kihuen, probably Elizabeth Esty, Salud Carbajal and Dave Loebsack if they really need the help (Esty and Carbajal don't). Just be aware though, if you contribute any money to the DCCC with the idea of helping Doug Applegate defeat Darrell Issa, Geoff Petzel defeat Peter Roskam or Jon Ossoff defeat Karen Handel or whoever the loons north of Atlanta nominate, the chances are that most of the money will go to help reelect conservative shitheads who are voting with Issa and Roskam on too many bills. If you can contribute-- whether $10 or $1,000 contribute directly to the candidates who stand with you on the issues that are important to you. You can do that here for challengers and here for incumbents. And as far as Democrats in districts that Trump won, the ones you'll find by clicking on the thermometer below are the ones worth helping win reelection:

Goal Thermometer

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At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No more votes for democraps. ever.

Not until that so-called "party" is dead and buried can any sort of truly left party replace it.
It's already 37 years too late. Why drag it out even longer? You want more drumpfs/sessions/pruitts/mnuchins??? You want that shit forever?


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