Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump Press Secretary Spicer Spawns A Cottage Industry Overnight!


by Noah

Who said Trumpinsky wouldn't create new jobs? Well, Americans are hard at work today. It seems the Trump White House has created a whole new industry overnight. Since White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's Saturday-afternoon speed-lying freakout extravaganza, a whole new cottage industry, a cottage industry of Spicer memes, has exploded on social media.

I predict these memes will soon be turned into lawn signs, window signs, and bumper stickers. If not, they should be, immediately! It's up to you. Join in! Heaps of disdain, derision, and zero tolerance are called for!

For you, dear readers of DWT, I have compiled the text from these memes below. I would especially like to thank my various Facebook friends, London's Daily Mail, Bustle, the BBC, and the Huffington Post. Sean Spicer's lost grip on reality has inspired parody twitter accounts such as #SeanSpicerFacts, from which many of the twitter memes below came. Many of the Spicer memes have managed to capture not only his style but also his overuse of the word "period," which he seems to think turns his lies into truths.

Some words need to be spoken and spoken loudly. These are the "best words." It's true! People are saying! Believe me! Fantastic words! Some nice pix, too!

The Beatles, INCLUDING John & George, played the inaugural concert and President Trump applauded them with his HUGE HANDS #SeanSpicerSays

#SeanSpicerSays that the lying media does not mention the 1,000,000 invisibility cloaks issued to the crowd on inauguration day.

Donald Trump was the first person to walk on the moon, despite what the dishonest media claimes. #SpicerFacts

I have to say that this one is highly unlikely, for obvious reasons. I think if the man who keeps a book of Hitler's speeches by his bedside could really go visit Adolf, he would just praise him as a fantastic person and ask him for some tips on governing.
Of course Donald Trump went back in time and killed Hitler with his bare hands. The crooked media just won't report it. #SeanSpicerSays

Everyone knows that Beyonce was the weak link in Destiny's Child. Period. #SpicerFacts

Some well-known celebs are joining in the fun. First, Courtney Love Cobain:
I've NEVER done any drugs in my life nor have I ever swore in public nor smoked a cigarette. #alternativefact

Then, from Stephen Colbert:
@SeanSpicer gave the BIGGEST press briefing in HISTORY! Period! 1.5million reporters there: SCHOOLED! CAPSLOCK MEANS IT'S TRUE! #SUCKITfacts

Officer, I am not drunk. I am alternative sober. #alternativefacts

The earth is flat. Period. #FakePressSecretary

Regarding the dishonest media, to quote Melania Trump, "When they go low, we go high". Period. #SeanSpicerFacts

Jar Jar Binks is the best Star Wars character. Period. #SeanSpicerFacts

Donald Trump won the popular vote if you exclude all of the Hillary Clinton voters. #SeanSpicerFacts

That was not Three Doors Down. It was The Rolling Stones. Period. #SeanSpicerFacts

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength -- George Orwell, 1984 #alternativefacts

President Trump has captured and killed Bin Laden with his own two massive hands. #SpicerFacts

I am a Nigerian prince in need of a small loan. My enormous assets are frozen. Will email you soon. Period.

We actually told all Inauguration attendees our preference was that they arrive on Saturday, wear pink and march. #SpicerFacts

That's it for today. Coming soon (probably Thursday): Kellyanne Konartist memes!


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At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bye, Bye Fake News. Read how Trump defeated Obama and Clinton, "KEK: The Rise of Donald Trump" (released 1-7-2017)

At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We should rename that position after "Baghdad Bob". ..um.. maybe not. nobody remembers him. That was 15 years ago. If it's dropped off instagram, it never existed... right?

At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing new. press secys. have always lied their asses off. they just tried to make them palatable.

this dumbfucktard clearly doesn't think "palatable" is important any more. If you think about it, it's a more honest dishonesty than before.

The real question is how many in the dumbfucktardia we now inhabit actually believe and agree with the lies and how many in this dumbfucktardia still think the remedy is electing Democraps.


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