Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Office of Congressional Ethics Caught Duncan Hunter Stealing— So He Voted To Shut Them Down


Spoiled dirtbag Duncan Hunter getting high at a committee meeting

After the Republicans were exposed sneaking around in the dead of night to back an amendment by accused Virginia pedophile Robert Goodlatte that would have shuttered the Office of Congressional Ethics so that all ethics charges would go to the wheelin’ and dealin’ House Ethics Committee— where pedophiles like Goodlatte routinely get a little pach-in-tukas and told to be more discreet— you could barely find anyone who would admit being one of the 172 Republicans who voted for it. But Duncan Hunter (R-CA) couldn’t deny his venomous antipathy for the office. A severe alcoholic with no respect for the rules, Hunter originally snuck into office disguised as his long-serving/suddenly retired father, also named Duncan Hunter. Duncan the Younger, though, is a no-account bum with zero accomplishments since first getting into Congress in 2009. He’s a vicious xenophobe and homophobe and an early Trumpist who advocates nuking Iran. He’s also a crook.

Hunter’s blood red backward district went for Romney and McCain with about 60% of the vote. His is a district the DCCC doesn’t ever contest. Hunter was just reelected with 63.9% of the vote, despite being embroiled in a congressional ethics mess which shows him stealing campaign funds for personal use, which he called— when caught red-handed, “an oversight.” So far, he’s paid back about $62,000 in illegally expropriated funds. The biggest single sources of campaign cash comes from legalistic bribes from companies with business before his committees in the sea transport and defense industries and this cycle he raised $1,188,103 compared to his Democratic opponent’s $27,016.

Widely considered one of Congress’ worst slime-buckets, Hunter is infamous for selling legislation to companies willing to write his campaign checks. And he uses his campaign cash for personal expenses. The GOP-controlled House Ethics Committee always looks the other way as he pockets the cash but the Office of Congressional Ethics called him out for it, and his cases have been widely reported in his district, embarrassing the crooked congressman and his crooked family and fueling a vendetta against the Ethics office.
The ethics office last year conducted a review of Hunter’s campaign expenses. Release of the report, and any follow-up action by the House Ethics Committee, was recently postponed pending swearing-in of the new Congress.

Hunter, R-Alpine, has reimbursed his campaign about $62,000 in campaign expenses that were personal in nature or lacked proper documentation, including oral surgery, a garage door, video games, resort stays and a jewelry purchase in Italy.

The expenses came to light after inquiries by the Federal Election Commission and the San Diego Union-Tribune, and Hunter then hired a law firm to conduct a review that has not been made public.

  Use of campaign funds for personal benefit is prohibited by federal law, as it might give undue influence to contributors. Most of Hunter’s campaign funds come from defense and transportation companies whose business is affected by committees upon which he serves.
Other things Duncan Hunter has been caught using his bribes for:
flying his pet rabbit around the country
gas for the family car
a nail salon
surf boards
He also pays his unqualified wife $3,000/month to run his home campaign office. Another Southern California congressmember who asked to not be identified told me that Hunter “is the biggest dirtbag from California since his daddy’s business partner, Duke Cunningham got shipped off to prison… [for] doing the same kind of bullshit Hunter Sr, did and Hunter Jr. still does.” In October, the Union Tribune reported that Hunter was pressuring the U.S. Coast Guard to buy or lease a polar ice-breaking ship owned by one of his top campaign contributors, although the Coast Guard has repeatedly said the vessel doesn’t meet its needs.” Louisiana-based shipbuilder Edison Chouest Offshore has written checks to Hunter for at least $18,000 to get the floating junk pile taken off its hands. Hunter didn’t care that the Coast Guard said spending the money would be a waste of taxpayer money since the ship was incapable of doing what the Coast Guards needs. In fact, it suffered mechanical failure and lost control of an oil rig it was towing, which then ran aground off Kodiak Island in Alaska. “The Chouest funds were all received May 8, 2015 — six days before the Coast Guard was to have an acquisitions hearing before a Congressional subcommittee chaired by Hunter.”

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) turned over evidence to the Office of Congressional Ethics that Hunter was stealing thousands of dollars from the flow of bribes into his campaign coffers to use on a fancy vacation to Italy with his wife/campaign manager. Before repaying the money under pressure Hunter called CREW a mercenary leftist group who hates him because he supports Trump. He tried claiming the money he spent at an Italian jewelry store was for dinners, although the jewelry store sells jewelry, not food or beverages. So were all 172 Republicans who voted for pedophile Robert Goodlatte’s anti-ethics amendment crooks like Hunter. Probably not every single one of them but is you lined 20 random ones up against a wall, handed them a blindfold, a cigarette and shot them, chances are excellent no innocent person would have been hurt.

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At 9:21 PM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

I once had a boss-- not an owner of the company, a manager (and an extraordinarily Trump-like character down too his toes)-- who tried to teach me how to cheat the company. He would buy expensive suits from a tailor in Italy, for example, and then write it up as a dinner on his expense report. I was horrified that someone would try to so blatantly steal from a company that was paying him millions of dollars, dollars he may well have deserved but which never satisfied his unquenchable greed. Its when I learned that the greediest and most selfish people are the wealthiest, who always feel-- like Trump-- an over-arching sense of entitlement. Duncan Hunter, who inherited everything from his crooked father of the same name, has always struck me as that kind of guy as well.

At 9:58 PM, Blogger Roger said...

Just a quibble, but saying his district is one the DCCC never contests isn't saying much. The DCCC doesn't contest very many districts, and prefers to give money to Blue Dogs to primary progressive congressmen. Otherwise they seem to spend it on dinners in Italian jewelry stores.

At 4:43 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Remember Leona Helmsley and that scandal way back? She even bought her makeup with hotel funds when she was as rich as all get out. She did not think she should actually pay for ANYTHING out of her own pocket. So what do the wealthy actually do with all of their money?

Crooks, liars, cheats and psychopaths fill Congress to the brim. Poor us.

At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am new to his district and there is fair amount of blue here. We must do something to expose him. I feel like most people have no idea who he is.


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