Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Resistance, California-- Winter, 2017... Ted Lieu, Jimmy Gomez


Late yesterday-- just as 4 Senate Democrats were voting with the Republicans to shut down the filibuster that could have stopped Tillerson's confirmation-- Ted Lieu offered a theme for the resistance: "We should not give him a chance to govern. I believe he is a danger to the Republic." Trump's neo-Nazi supporters are going bonkers over Ted's ability to rally opposition against their Führer. These two tweets should give you an idea of the kind of reaction Ted is getting for his courageous stands:

Ted needs allies-- allies in committee meetings, allies on the House floor, allies when he's leading the resistance to Trump the way he did at LAX this weekend. I'm guessing that's why one of the first members of Congress to endorse Jimmy Gomez was... Ted Lieu. My district is right between Ted's congressional district and Jimmy's assembly district. I know them both well enough for dinners, lunches and intense conversation. When Ted was in Sacramento in the state legislature, he was the best member. Best? Why the best? Because he got the tough jobs done everyone else was afraid to tackle. He took that experience with him to Congress, immediately got elected by his peers freshman class president and is one of the most effective members of Congress now. And guess what-- today, Jimmy Gomez is the best member of the Assembly for the same reason-- taking on tough issues other members don't even understand and working and working and working until he puts together the coalitions that will pass them-- like an effective way to make climate change legislation work for people who can't afford to buy a Tesla and like an effective way to make Family Leave legislation work for the women who need it most, not just people making over $80,000 a year.

And guess who was at LAX this weekend, besides Ted, working diligently to free Trump's prisoners and. This is Jimmy:

Look, CA-34 is a solid blue district. Republicans don't even bother running around here. The district gave Hillary a massive 83.6% to 10.7% landslide over Trump. Voters rejected Trump by an even greater number than they rejected Romney by. After all, Romney got a full 14% in 2012. Although there are a couple of creeps running who are being financed by the anti-union charter school interests, most of the two dozen candidates know what to say to appeal to the voters. There are at least 4 people claiming they're Bernie candidates. But there's only one who's been getting Bernie's agenda passed in Sacramento. And that's Jimmy Gomez.

Ted's district is CA-33. If Jimmy wins the primary in April, his district will be CA-34. These guys are going to make a powerful bloc in L.A., not just of candidates who vote well, but candidates who understand what moving and shaking means. Today Jimmy, who had just been endorsed by the Nurses Union and the Electrical Workers Union, told voters in the district that "Trump’s executive order targeting immigrants and refugees on the basis of religion and national origin is unconstitutional, and it outrages me. It tramples on our American values of freedom of religion and equality and I will not stand for it-- and I hope you won’t either. On Saturday night, I went to LAX in solidarity with the protestors and to tell to our Muslim and immigrant communities here in California and across the world: You are not alone. We stand with you, and as the son of immigrants I will join my fellow Americans in fighting for you and your rights."

Ted's parents came to the U.S. from Taiwan. Jimmy's parents came here from Mexico. Both Ted and Jimmy embraced the American dream with fervor and both are dedicated and sincere public servants. "In California," said Jimmy as part of his statement about Trump's unconstitutional refugee executive order, "we don’t just tolerate diversity. We celebrate it and we know it makes our communities and our economy stronger. America is better than this ban, and while we made some progress yesterday-- with the action taken through the ACLU’s lawsuit and the strong show of solidarity at protests around the country. We cannot stop fighting and resisting Trump’s movement. We have the power to defeat them, but we have to keep organizing. I just got back to Sacramento and the first thing I instructed my staff to do was draft a resolution to officially put California on the record against Trump’s Muslim Ban. There's plenty that you can do too. Join a rally. Volunteer. Call your representatives. Our nation’s values depend on us and we owe it to our neighbors to protect them."

We need more people like Ted Lieu in Congress. And that's more people like Jimmy Gomez. Please consider contributing to his campaign by tapping the thermometer below. April 4th isn't that far away.
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At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Hone said...

Yay, Ted! Keep it up! Bring it on! This is the way to fight the insanity that is going on. Ted is an eloquent speaker who is rational and compassionate and tells it like it is. Just like FDR.

People like Ted who are not afraid to speak the truth and stand up for their beliefs will be critical in destroying the Trumpanzee. He must be stopped.

At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We should not give him a chance to govern." I think that's a bad strategy. Trump got elected. Hillary did not. He deserves a chance. Dems should resist and fight back when Trump governs badly. Stopping TPP? Good! Infrastructure (that's not public/private)? Good! (it'll never happen unless it's privatization but the Dems have put forth their plan and that's good!) Of course, we should resist all the bad things. But making Trump an illegitimate boogey-man (while the Dems have long looked the other way to Republican voter suppression and election fraud) is a losing game. And Lieu and Schiff are driving the crazy train over Russia and it makes them look totally unhinged.

Kim Kaufman

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