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Don't Look To The Media To Save Us From Trumpism


I don’t want to presume that everyone remembers— or even ever knew— who John Dean is. He was Nixon’s White House lawyer and became a key witness in the Watergate trials. He’s an author (Blind Ambition, Conservatives Without Conscience, Worse Than Watergate, Broken Government: How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches), a columnist and a registered independent. Blind Ambition was made into a mini-series and Dean was played by Martin Sheen and Oliver Stone cast David Hyde Pierce in the Dean role in his 1995 film, Nixon. Last week, he published an OpEd in Newsweek, The Gutless Press Is Still Giving Trump A Free Pass, interesting to read in light of Trump’s whining yesterday about how the press doesn’t treat him with respect.

Dean’s point is very different from Sean Spicer’s. “The press,” he points out, “is standing by while Trump destroys the country so they can report the fall of America.” He writes that Trump’s media team— press secretary Spicer, communications directors Hope Hicks and Jason Miller, social media director Dan Scavino and “counselor” Kellyanne Con-man (a Mercer operative)— will oversee Trump banning the media from the White House, even though the media has enabled him and his campaign and played a crucial role in his win.
With a few exceptions, the news media has given him a pass on his failure to produce his tax returns and disclose the nature of his many businesses; he was given a pass on his self-confessed sexual assault of countless women; the press largely ignored his long-standing connections with well-known New York area drug dealers and organized crime figures and on and on and on.

In breaking with norm after norm that have sunk other presidential candidates, the news media has allowed Donald Trump to get away with criminally outrageous behavior, setting a new low for national leadership.

But my biggest complaint about the news coverage of Donald Trump, the politician, the presidential candidate, now the president-elect and soon to be the president of the United States, is his conspicuous and remarkable incompetence for the job.

The news media—less a few outspoken commentators and columnists—is pretending like anyone can be the president of the United States, no prior experience necessary.

News people seem to love his bellicose counterpunching, hurling attacks at anyone who pinches his thin skin. They excuse his ignorance, and when he doubles down to hide it, they are confident he is developing a new and carefully considered policy.

By any standard, the news media’s failure to address his utter lack of skills and knowledge to serve as president, the refusal to warn Americans and foreign nations that we are about to install a man who is totally unprepared for the job is breathtaking.

It was Leslie Moonves, executive chairman and CEO of CBS Television, who said of a potential Trump presidential campaign, “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.” But after he was elected, the mantra of the news business has not changed.

It appears Trump’s outrageous and democracy-threatening behavior is all about what is good for news organizations—and the end of democracy as we cherish it will be televised.

I really did believe that after he won the election the news business would get serious with Trump if he did not get serious about the business of governing this country, yet the news coverage of the transition of the most unqualified man ever elected to the White House is as weak and wishy-washy as it was at the outset of his campaign.

Given the license afforded the news business under the First Amendment, their collective conduct is approaching criminal negligence, standing by while Trump destroys the country so they can report the fall of America.

…While they are reporting on Trump, it is fluff stuff. It is information he wants reported. In the past, however, reporters were digging into who was doing what to get ready.

…News accounts, television reports and when they arrived blogs dug far deeper into past transitions than is now occurring with Trump.

My perusal of this material along with historical accounts after the fact reveal that pundits, historians and political reporters largely agreed that rookie presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama relied on their vice presidents (Walter Mondale, Al Gore and Joe Biden) most heavily at the outset, but after they devoted countless hours of study to learning about their new jobs, they relatively quickly came to understand the workings of the high office they held and became adept presidents.

Trump has made it clear he does not like briefing books, nor does he read history. This puts him alongside Reagan and Bush II, both of whom enjoyed the pomp of being heads of government, but they never stopped relying heavily on their vice presidents (George H. W. Bush and Dick Cheney) for the daily grind of being head of the executive branch of government.

Watching the formation of Donald Trump’s presidency, the press coverage is disappointingly weak and thin. As president, he is clearly going to govern much like Reagan and Bush II, where someone else does the heavy lifting. But this conspicuous fact is being totally ignored in the transition news coverage.

Who is doing that lifting now: Vice President-elect Mike Pence? Chief-of-staff-designate Stephen Bannon? Son-in-law Jared Kushner? Daughter Ivanka? Outsider Rebekah Mercer?

And why are reporters unable to learn what is really going on in the Trump Tower transition operation?

The answer to these questions is clear. Transition coverage has been much like Trump campaign coverage, and it does not bode well for coverage of the Trump White House. The news media is so fixated with Trump himself, along with his endless need to consume all the oxygen in any room where they are all together, that they are totally ignoring how he is preparing for his presidency. This is what sells.

In addition, much of the mainstream press is afraid of Trump, fearful he will cut them off from all access. In fact, I predict he will do just that. Nixon did it. He occasionally banned reporters from the White House. He went around the White House press corps to state and local news organizations.

It has been almost 150 days since Trump held a press conference. Nixon used to go as long as he could, and unlike Trump, he was good at press conferences because he studied for days for them.

Trump is not good at press conferences because he does not have good answers for the questions he will likely be asked, not to mention he is not inclined to study and prepare, so he knows he will likely embarrass himself. Just as during the campaign, Trump is conspicuously unprepared to answer questions.

Trump is going to be much harder on the press than Nixon. He has seen their weakness and knows his core followers are with him. If the press was not collectively gutless, they would be yelling that we are watching a train wreck, but the news media is pretending this is not happening. Rather they are pretending that this is a normal presidential transition. Which brings me to my second prediction. Second Prediction: Trump Will Breach His Oath of Office

It appears that at noon on January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump will take the oath of office: “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

This will, of course, make him the president of the United States. I doubt, however, that Trump will honor his oath. My reason is rather simple, Donald Trump is far worse than Richard Nixon—a fact about which I will have more to say about in the future.

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At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The press abdicated during Reagan too. And then Reagan repudiated both the fairness and equal time doctrines so that partisanship could and would go unchallenged.
And then came dereg and corporate consolidation rules changes under Clinton and cheney (let's be honest, bushbaby was an empty suit who cut taxes and took vacations).
Now news media are part of entertainment and are subject to profit motive.. so if it don't sell, it don't get put on.
The media, with almost no exceptions, has been acting as an extension of twitter, retweeting whatever unfiltered sewage emanates from that ghastly piece of shit. Because it sells. Might as well put a kardashian sex video on with whatever he says... it'll sell better.

The media has also abdicated wrt drumpf's nominees. Sessions' racism; Exxon and Goldman-Sachs; and so forth and so on.

But we get the gummint we deserve. When the electorate is this stupid and evil, how do you THINK it will work out?

At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish people would wake up to the fact that the media is NOT about news. It is about establishing the mental thought processes and ideas that the owners of the media want you to have. They WANT Trump to appear to succeed, because his job is to destroy the regulation which business despises. He is also to reduce or eliminate taxes on the 1% and get us caught up in a war which will keep the CMIC on his side through incredible profits.

Rather than focus on how screwed up the "mainstream" media is, sites like DWT need to BE the news media. It's the only way there can be any counter to the brainwashing occurring on TV and in the major "news" papers.

At 9:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 3:45, you just described how Hitler/Goebbels took over in Germany in '33.

nobody saw it coming there either.

here, we probably yearn for it. We'll get it.

At 4:52 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

In my mind, John Dean became a hero. He saw the light, recognized what had been going on and owned up to his responsibilities in the Nixon train wreck. Yes Trump is MUCH WORSE than Nixon, hard to say but true. Nixon did have some love for this country, took being President seriously (albeit criminally!) and was able to read a book. Unfortunately, Dean is correct about the press these days. This is very bad for all of us. Is there anything good to look forward to? We seem like Europe in the 1930's, with untold disasters heading our way. I fear things will fall apart quite quickly.


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