Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ya think the president-elect got where he is today by not knowing how to duck a process server?


"In a statement, the Trump transition team said Giuliani informed Trump of his withdrawal at a Nov. 29 meeting. Giuliani delivered a letter to Trump, who declined to accept it at that meeting. On Friday, Giuliani again asked Trump to withdraw his name, and he accepted, according to a senior transition official."
-- from "Secretary-of-state candidate Rudy Giuliani withdraws
his name from consideration," yesterday on

by Ken

Wouldn't you figure that when Rudy tried to deliver that letter -- you know, the one the deliveree "declined to accept" -- at the Nov. 29 meeting, the president-elect figured that that lovable scamp Rudy had taken on side work as a process server? (Ya gotta love him, dontcha, always trying to hustle an extra buck?) Like the crazy SOB was trying to serve him papers for another of those pesky lawsuits that common people are forever filing against him? Not to be confused, naturally, with all the righteous legal actions he feels obliged to initiate to help make people who have wronged him wish they'd never been born.

Of course The Donald didn't get where he is today by not knowing how to duck some fuckwad of a process server!

Fast-forward to Friday's meeting, when Rudy explained the Nov. 29 confusion and the old pals enjoyed a hearty laugh. "You know," the president-elect chortled, "when I saw that envelope you were trying to stick me with, and figured it contained legal papers someone was paying you to serve me with, my first thought was, 'Wait, is this guy Jewish?' "

This produced further gales of laughter.

Once the confusion was cleared up, how they laughed!

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