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With Trump's Triumph, Where Will Neo-Nazi Candidates Win Down Ballot? Montana?


Trump is on a victory tour, telling cheering ugly racists to thank African Americans who didn't bother going to the polls for a poll many Democrats saw as unacceptable, even if she was the lesser of two evils. In Hershey, Pennsylvania Thursday night Trump called for the mostly white crowd to cheer for African-Americans who were "smart" to heed his message and therefore "didn't come out to vote." He keeps telling the dim fans who show up for these Hitlerian victory rallies that he won a landslide. He's lying of course, as he does virtually every time he opens his mouth. Hillary won the most votes-- not by a landslide but by a very healthy margin-- 65,788,567 (48.2%) to Trump's 62,955,343 (46.1%). She had 2,833,224 more votes than he did across the country. All the votes he got in the 4 most rot-gut Trumpified states combined-- West Virginia (489,371), Wyoming (174,419), Oklahoma (949,136) and North Dakota (216,794)-- were fewer than Hillary's nearly 3 million ote margin.

But, whether you want to blame Putin or not, Trump won narrow margins in 3 normally blue states that put him over the hump and allowed him to claim a modest electoral college win:
Michigan- 2,279,543 (47.5%) to 2,268,839 (47.3%)- a 10,704 vote margin
Wisconsin- 1,405,284 (47.2%) to 1,382,536 (46.5%)- a 22,748 vote margin
Pennsylvania- 2,970,733 (48.5%) to 2,926,441 (47.9%)- a 44,307 vote margin.
. That was 77,759 votes in those 3 states that together saw 657,460 votes cast for 3rd party candidates. And each one of those states there was a pivotal county-- whether hacked or not-- that gave Trump his unlikely victory in that state:
Macomb, Michigan- 224,589 (53.6%) to 176,238 (42.1%)
Waukesha, Wisconsin- 145,519 (61.6%) to 79,199 (33.5%)
York, Pennsylvania- 126,933 (62.5%) to 67,428 (33.2%)
Clinton actually did better in Waukesha than Obama did-- almost 2,000 more votes and a point and a half better in the county. York was hurt her badly in Pennsylvania. Obama had scored 72,126 votes compared to Hillary's 67,427, about a 6 point dip from his performance. And Macomb was especially bad. Obama won it against Romney-- 207,992 (52%) to 191,896 (48%). Trump improved Romney's performance significantly-- 32,693 votes, while Clinton under-performed Obama by 31,754 votes-- in the state where Trump won by a mere 10,704 votes!

The short documentary, up top, on white nationalism, one of the pillars of Trumpism, was put together by The Atlantic. It's about the pudgy neo-Nazi self-promoter Richard Spencer (who now is making noises about running for the soon-to-be-open Montana congressional Ryan Zinke is giving up to help Trump destroy the environment. It's hard to imagine-- in light of David Duke's 7th place, 3.0% showing in the Louisiana Senate race-- but if he managed to run and win the Republican primary, nearly unimaginable, it would mean the first Democrat in the House from Montana since Pat Williams retired two decades ago.

Spencer, a Texan living in Virginia DC suburbs with some tenuous connection to Whitefish, Montana, is the "head" of some crazy Nazi outfit he and his friends started and named the National Policy Institute. He grandly told the Huffington Post that "If I did this, it would not be some eccentric campaign that no one talks about and is a footnote to history. It would become a major conversation around the country... just because of my profile in the alt-right. Again, I would only do it to win it."

One of Spencer's racist pals, Taylor Rose, ran against Columbia Falls Democrat Zac Perry in a very swingy Montana district and was defeated by Perry 2,464 (53.0%) to 2,186 (47.0%). Spencer, Rose and other neo-Nazis and racists see Trump’s victory-- he won 50 of Montana's 56 counties (274,120 to 174,521, one of Clinton's worst performances anywhere)-- as a first step towards a whites-only state. "Trump definitely energized the alt-right... I don't see myself," said the delusional, half-insane Spencer, "as a marginal figure who's going to be hated by society. I see myself as a mainstream figure... Our lived experience is being a young, white person in 21st century America, [and] seeing your identity be demeaned. I’ve lived in this multicultural mess for years and I’m trying to get out of it."

Please watch the video above-- especially if you hate Jews and agree with these freaks that women shouldn't have the vote. These are Trump's shock troops and they see themselves of changing America in their image. You owe it to yourself to be prepared for what's coming. Spencer wants to revive the Roman Empire for Italians, Scots, Russians, white Americans, Finns... "a safe space for all Europeans from around the world."

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At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in the rot-gut Trumped up state of Wyoming (which, by the way, is a correct description of most - not all - of the state). Wyoming, as you know, is south of Montana, so I am very aware of the Richard Spencer types who live in Montana. The tea party is alive and well up there, and most prevalent in the area of Whitefish and the more northern and eastern parts of the state. The state has a history of being the residence of lots of kooks, as we used to call them - white nationalists, followers of ALEC, and various other groups that would like to sell off the most beautiful parts to corporations. Gun nuts are everywhere (just like in Wyoming)and the state legislature of full of crazies. Many Montanans are horrified by these people, but I wouldn't be surprised if Richard Spencer ran and won the election. After all, the person he would be replacing is known as Slinky by many more sane Montanans. Very surprisingly, Governor Bullock (Democrat) narrowly won re-election over another nut, Greg Gianforte, who believes in taxing everyone but himself, the earth is 5,000 years old, and Noah (of the Ark) didn't collect Social Security. Scary times up there!

At 6:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Anon 6:27. If I were you, I'd move. The saddest thing is that a true Nazi like Spencer can and does get elected by a majority of (participatory) voters.

The north center isn't the only place. Jeff fucking Sessions has been in the senate for 20 years and now will kill and persecute minorities from his perch as AG.

Of course, until now one could scarcely be elected by waving the hackenkreuz banner. They had to be fairly subtle until being elected.

Now? Get used to seeing the swastika again.


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