Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Tens Of Millions Of Dollars Are Gushing Into A Few Dozen Congressional Districts


Huge amounts of money is being spent between today and next Tuesday in hot congressional races, much of it on negative TV ads, negative TV ads that tend to cancel themselves out and have a net impact of zero. (It's a massive waste of money that serves only one purpose: making insider operatives incredibly wealthy.) Below are the dozen races where the DCCC and Pelosi's House Majority PAC on one end, and the NRCC and Ryan's House Leadership PAC on the other end, have been spending the most aggressively. This is what had been spent as of yesterday, not what will be spent going forward:
MN-08- $11,779,489
Nolan (D)- $6,249,536
Stewart Mills (R)- $5,529,953
PA-08- $10,978,713
Steve Santarsiero (D)- $5,343,881
Brian Fitzpatrick (R)- $5,634,832
FL-26- $9,603,913
Joe Garcia (D)- $4,664,849
Carlos Curbelo (R)- $4,939.064
NV-03- $9,011,908
Jacky Rosen (D)- $3,765,698
Danny Tarkanian (R)- $5,246,210
NV-04- $8,453,140
Ruben Kihuen (D)- $3,469,123
Cresent Hardy (R)- $4,984,017
VA-10 $7,916,742
LuAnn Bennett (D)- $3,5532,058
Barbara Comstock (R)- $4,384,684
TX-23- $7,574,997
Pete Gallego (D)- $3,589,640
Will Hurd (R)- $3,985,357
NY-19- $6,943,193
Zephyr Teachout (D)- $1,660,574
John Faso (R)- $5,282,619
CA-07- $6,157,360
Ami Bera (D)- $2,491,443
Scott Jones (R)- $$3,665,917
CO-06- $5,439,102
Morgan Carroll (D)- $4,158,591
Mike Coffman (R)- $1,1711,974
IA-03- $5,024,662
Jim Mowrer (D)- $2,511,211
David Young (R)- $2,513,451
CA-10- $4,676,387
Michael Eggman (D)- $2,909,777
Jeff Denham (R)- $1,676,610
These numbers above don't include the millions of dollars the candidates are spending themselves or the millions of dollars other PACs allied with the DCCC or the NRCC. Example: in NY-19 a right-wing SuperPAC, New York Wins, which was almost entirely funded by 2 crooked hedge fund billionaires, Paul Singer and Robert Mercer, threw $915,268 into the race on behalf of shady Republican lobbyist and now-candidate John Faso. Blue America is a different kind of PAC. But even without that, notice which campaign has the biggest disparity between what the Democrats are spending and what the Republicans are spending. (Hint: it's not for a New Dem or Blue Dog; it's in a race between an independent-minded progressive and a shady GOP lobbyist.) Our average contribution is around $40 and the money goes directly to the candidates. It's still not too late to help:
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