Friday, October 07, 2016

Tomorrow Trump And Ryan Will Finally Go All The Way


UPDATE: Ryan Just Uninvited Trump

Minutes ago, Paul Ryan announced that Trump won't be at the Walworth County Fairgrounds with him and the rest of the Wisconsin GOP tomorrow.

Samantha Bee, as you can see in the video above, has had her team out talking to random deplorable morons around the country Trump supporters. I hope the Bee Team shows up in Elkhorn, Wisconsin tomorrow-- for the Walworth County Fair. Why should they? Well, it's part of Paul Ryan's congressional district and Ryan is hosting an especially ugly array of far right assholes that day, including Governor Scott Walker, Senator-- though not for much longer-- Ron Johnson, racist sociopath Attorney General Brad Schimel, Treasurer Matt Adamcyzk and Wisconsin state Party chairman Brad Courtney. Oh, and Donald Trump. Yep... Paul Ryan will finally go all the way with Trump... after all these flirty months.

Trump is starting to realize he's in trouble. Wisconsin, which Obama won both times (with 56% against McCain and with 53% against Romney). Right now the RealClearPolitics polling average has Hillary up 5.0 points. If that weren't bad enough, the most recent poll, by Emerson College, has Hillary leading Trump by 7 points-- 45% to 38%. (Russ Feingold is leading Johnson by an even more impressive margin-- 52-42%. The poll was completed before Trump's week from hell that has shown him dropping further in virtually every state. Soon he may figure out that every time he bashes President Obama, the president's approval rating goes up-- it's at a new high-- 55%-- for his second term-- while his own already low numbers continue to collapse. (The new Ipsos/Reuters poll from October 4, shows Hillary with a 50% favorable and a 50% unfavorable-- favorable having all the positive momentum. Trump doesn't fare as well. 56% of voters view him unfavorably and just 44% favorably. He's not going overcome those numbers in just a month.)

Maybe Trump thinks cozying up with the reluctant Ryan is going to help him. Ryan's net favorable numbers are actually worse than Trump's! He's seen positively by 32.5% of the country and negatively by 42.8%. And this is the latest poll testing his favorables-- 29% favorable and 48% unfavorable.

The Beltway press and the K Street criminal class love him, though. They're his real base. Rachel Bade, writing yesterday for Politico wrote that tomorrow's joint appearance with Trump is "a big shift for Ryan," and his factored into his 2020 presidential calculations. "Maintaining daylight from Trump has given Ryan some plausible separation from Trump-- especially if the real estate mogul loses big and Ryan seeks to lead a post-2016 GOP rebuilding effort. The difference between endorsing Trump on paper and being photographed with him onstage-- assuming Saturday's event produces such a moment-- is significant." Ryan's political team is under the delusion that voters love him and will be understanding of what he's trying to accomplish. Almost as many voters don't even know who he is as like him.

Some hesitance appears to remain, however: In a news release put out by Ryan’s political operation, Trump's appearance was announced almost as an aside. It listed details of the event-- the 1st Congressional District Republican Party of Wisconsin Fall Fest-- and the other politicians attending, including Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, several top Republican state officials and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who’s facing a tough reelection this fall.

After that, it read: "Presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump will also join Wisconsin Republicans" at the festival.

“All questions related to Mr. Trump should be directed to the Trump campaign," the release continued.

Sources told Politico that Trump's campaign initially asked to campaign with Ryan. The speaker responded by inviting Trump to join him and several other politicians to the annual event in Ryan’s district.

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