Sunday, October 23, 2016

Terry Tate-- The Office Linebacker Knows How To Make America Great Again!


-by Noah

Not that I advocate physical violence as of punishment for bad behavior, even when that bad behavior is physical violence itself. Personally, my mind turns to much more devious punishments (admittedly only after thinking of things involving 5 finger death hits and crowbars). But what does one do when one encounters someone who, if he was raised by parents at all, was probably raised by the four-legged kind. Clearly, some people never met up with any sort of discipline, instruction in morals, or learned about the concepts of human decency.

Aw, hell. Screw my inner liberal! Damn the chains of intellectualism and reason! Sometimes, ya just got to go with a man who offers real solutions: The Office Linebacker himself, Terry Tate! I could watch this all day! And I mean all day! When the glorious day comes that there is such a thing as NoahTV, this will run 24hrs on NoahTV1. And, just wait 'til you see NoahTV2!

Come on... was that awesome amazing, incredible, fantastic video worth a couple of bucks for the congressional candidate of your choice who wants to make America great again? You won't see that on Rachel Maddow's Show, will you?
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TT ... he's a good sport and gets my vote!


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