Thursday, October 27, 2016

Does Pelosi Really Care About Gun Safety Laws-- Or Is She Just Playing Games With Voters, While Recruiting NRA Shills For Congress?


So who do the hypocrites at the DCCC support and who do they oppose?

You probably heard how the Republicans are absolutely shoveling dark money into the congressional races to try to salvage their majorities in the Senate and House. It may be too late for the Senate, but McConnell's SuperPAC will be spending over $2 million per day between now and November 8-- money from odious characters and modern day robber barons like the Kochs, Adelsons, Paul Singer and the crackpot Mercers from Long Island. And all that money is being focused on just 6 states: Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, to save Roy Blunt, Kelly Ayotte, Richard Burr and Pat Toomey-- and to try to drag Todd Young and Joe Heck over the finish line.

And just yesterday the NRCC dumped 16 unimaginative TV attack ads against Jackie Rosen (NV), Joe Garcia (FL), Kim Myers (NY), Stephanie Murphy (FL), Ruben Kihuen (NV), Morgan Carroll (CO), Terri Bonoff (MN), Pete Gallego (TX), Angie Craig (MN), Brad Ashford (NE), Monica Vernon (IA), Colleen Deacon (NY), LuAnn Bennett (VA), Zephyr Teachout (NY), Randy Perkins (FL) and Lon Johnson (MI)-- and that was after dozens of radio ads against Democrats and another batch of TV attack ads in the last week against Steve Santasiero (PA), Ami Bera (CA), Emily Cain (ME), Tom Nelson (WI), and more against Joe Garcia, Morgan Carroll, Monica Vernon, Brad Ashford, Angie Craig, Zephyr Teachout, Lon Johnson, and Martin Babinec (the independent running in the 3-way in NY-22).

Now, true, most of these ads are so juvenile and ineffective that there literally are observers saying that the Democratic candidates and the DCCC should report them to the FEC as in-kind contributions, but the NRCC is counting on spending a load of cash in the next two weeks to brainwash voters with frequency. Even ads this stupid could be effective. (Look at the one they're running against Zephyr Teachout. It's so laughable, it's an insult to the voters in the Hudson Valley and Catskills area of upstate New York.)

Meanwhile, many of the candidates the DCCC is spending most heavily to bolster, particularly Blue Dogs who are far from the Democratic mainstream, are the kinds of candidates progressives and activists are least likely to want to defend. Regardless of how bad the GOP incumbents are-- and they are really a sordid bunch-- who wants to defend Democrats running as NRA heroes against what the vast majority of Americans crave from Congress in terms of gun safety (to pick just one example). The DCCC has dumped a fortune into the campaigns of right-wing NRA-whores Lon Johnson (MI)-- $1,321,129 so far, including $346,634 this week-- and Pete Gallego (TX)-- $2,736,390. Voters-- especially Democrats, but independents and mainstream Republicans as well, want sane gun safety laws. Smart candidates, like Ruben Kihuen (NV) and DuWayne Gregory (NY) are actively campaigning for background checks and passage of a No Fly/No buy law, but the DCCC persists in recruiting and backing right-wing Democrats who stand with the GOP and NRA on their unpopular positions.

Goal Thermometer And it isn't just the Lon Johnson and Pete Gallego clamoring for NRA love and support. The NRA poster boys for gun-nuttery in California and Florida, respectively Lou Correa and Darren Soto, are also on Pelosi's DCCC's Red to Blue program-- and both in very blue, safe Democratic districts where no one has to pander to the gun nuts if they don't want to. So is the Democratic Party serious about protecting us from gun-crazed lunatics? Or is it just a convenient cudgel to use, opportnistically, against Republicans from time to time? Isn't it time for dishonest career hacks like Pelosi and Hoyer and their leadership team to step down and make way for less jaded Democrats in Congress? The DCCC supports and funds right-wing garbage candidates like Lon Johnson, Darren Soro, Lou Correa and Pete Gallego but disgusting racist slob Steve Israel has prohibited the DCCC from backing DuWayne Gregory who's is in a winnable race in a suburban Long Island district that is all in for Hillary and against Trump. We at Blue America are doing our best... but we don't have the tens of millions of dollars the DCCC and Pelosi are wasting on Blue Dogs and New Dems who are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Please consider chipping in what you can-- directly to the candidates' Get Out the Vote efforts-- by tapping the thermometer on the right.

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