Monday, August 22, 2016

How Toxic Is The Trumpanzee On Long Island?


Jack Martins, stuck between sociopath Donald Trump and convicted felon Dean Skelos

Judging by turnout in the primary, there's a lot more enthusiasm for Hillary on Long Island than there is for Mr. Trumpanzee. Both candidates are known by virtually everyone in Nassau and everyone in Suffolk. These were the primary votes in Nassau County:

Trumpanzee- 66,989
Kasich- 21,682
Cruz- 9,325


Hillary- 70,947
Bernie- 42,301
And these are the primary votes for Suffolk County:

Trumpanzee- 69,379
Kasich- 17,716
Cruz- 8,548


Hillary- 49,926
Bernie- 41,363
204,537 Democrats voted and 193,639 Republicans voted in the two counties. Since then, Señor Trumpanzee has completely tanked among suburban women. A newly released poll by the the Global Strategy Group in NY-03 shows Hillary up 51-35% over Trump, almost as bad as the numbers in the suburbs around Philly where she has been advertising heavily. Trump's unfavorables are unprecedented-- 67% with 53% very unfavorable.

The Democratic candidate for NY-03 is Tom Suozzi, a former County Executive, and the Republican candidate is probably state Sen. Jack Martins, a hack from the corrupt Dean Skelos machine who got hoist on his own petard by having Republican Phil Pidot illegally kicked off the primary ballot. A court has since ordered that Martins has to run against Pidot in October.

Martins, who has embraced Trump, is seeing the same polling numbers that everyone else is seeing-- with Trump dragging his campaign down the toilet. The latest poll shows Suozzi beating him by 16 points, 52-36%. Angry that he has to face Pidot in a primary, angry that Suozzi is cleaning his clock and petrified about being on the same ballot as Trump, Martins is demanding the election be postponed a month until December 6.

Suozzi was joined this weekend by the Libertarian candidate and the other Republican, Pidot, is denouncing Martins tactics. "Jack Martins," he reminded the media, "has unsuccessfully attempted to eliminate each and every opponent who has filed signatures to qualify for the ballot in the 3rd Congressional District. These are the kinds of petty insider political games that voters are sick of. Martins needs to stop wasting everyone’s time and millions of taxpayer dollars and instead tell us what he is really about." Yesterday, The Island Now covered the three candidates' press conference in Greenvale. "It's time for Jack Martins to put on his big boy pants," said Suozzi."This is an election about important issues, and it's time to talk about the issues and actually have a debate and let the people decide who they think the best candidate is, instead of playing these weaselly maneuvers that he's been using over and over again."

I bet other Republicans all over the country would like to try the same tactic-- postponing the election-- to get away from Trump.

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