Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Trumpy The Clown-- The Most Hated Candidate Since Polling Was Invented... So Who Wants To Be His Running Mate?


Drudge's poll yesterday asked the right-wing crackpots who still read that website who they preferred as a running mate for Herr Trumpf. But the Drudge polling department only listed 6 possibilities and not even an "other" or a "none of the above." And not Tom Brady (who says he's not coming to the convention) nor Trump's favorite (forcibly retired) general, Phil Breedlove nor even the guy who gave Trump his not very witty and somewhat shopworn Pocahontas retort to Elizabeth Warren's compelling critique of him, Scott Brown. So the Newtster came out on top and the only remotely sane person, Bob Corker, came out at the bottom of the heap. No girls... not even poor Kirstie Allie who announced an endorsement of Trump only to see her weight loss scam business-- or at least her store in Los Feliz across from the Vermont post office-- shut down pretty quickly after he made the public admission that he's a bigot-loving imbecile.
Newt Gingrich- 153,640 votes (41.19%)
Joni Ernst- 115,603 votes (30.99%)
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions- 52,134 votes (13.98%)
Mike Pence- 25,498 votes (6.84%)
Christie- 20,435 votes (5.48%)
Bob Corker- 5,727 votes (1.52%)
Gallup had a more interesting poll over the weekend, showing how surly the American public is towards the two terrible candidates the idiot primary voters came up with. Trump's unfavorability with the American people is as high as unfavorables have been since measuring them began. Hillary's are pretty bad too... except in relation to Trump's. But they're both "among the worst-rated presidential candidates of the last seven decades"-- Trump with a 42% unfavorable score and Clinton with a 33% score. Until now, Goldwater scored the worst-- with a 26% unfavorable.

In the category "highly unfavorable," here are the dozen records among the really disliked candidates just before the general elections (plus Hillary and Trumpy the Clown now)-- from bad to worse:
G.H.W. Bush- 18%
Reagan ('84)- 18%
McCain- 20%
McGovern- 20%
Kerry- 22%
Romney- 22%
Obama ('12)- 22%
G.W. Bush ('04)- 23%
Obama ('08)- 24%
Goldwater- 26%
Hillary- 33%
Trump- 42%
Big surprises: Nixon's high unfavorable rating was just 11%. Not surprising:
In addition to his record-setting highly unfavorable rating, Trump's overall image on the scalometer tilts more negatively than Goldwater's did at his lowest point in 1964. Trump's combined ratings are 42% favorable and 59% unfavorable whereas Goldwater's broke about even at 43% favorable and 47% unfavorable.

Clinton's overall image on the scalometer-- 51% favorable vs. 50% unfavorable-- is also better than Trump's and slightly more positive than Goldwater's in October 1964.

Bottom Line

Trump's image in 2016 is worse than Goldwater's was in 1964, giving Trump-- at least for the moment-- the distinction of having the highest negative scores on Gallup's scalometer of any presidential candidate rated since 1956. But that is only half the equation.

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