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Patrick Muphy... Thurston Howell, IV


You may have noticed that the NRSC is spending a lot of time making fun of Patrick Murphy, who they've successfully-- and accurately-- branded Privileged Patrick. Murphy, a rich, unaccomplished, overly-entitled spoiled brat, was pushed into politics by his multimillionaire father, a business partner of Donald Trump's, after his father realized he was incapable of making anything useful out of his life. The part about this that has always struck me as ironic is that Patrick Murphy, a life-long Republican who maxed out to Mitt Romney, is exhibiting prototypical Republican behavior and that there is surely no one better than the NRSC to understand this behavior and offer a critique of it. Patrick Murphy is, after all, everything that the Republican Party stands for-- just a dumb version of it. Patrick Romney is nothing more or less than Mitt Romney with no talent and no accomplishments.

As the NRSC patiently explains, "Privileged Patrick was no stranger to the finer things in life. He grew up in multiple mansions, attended a posh boarding school in New Jersey, and now currently resides in a condo at the Jupiter Yacht Club," at least when he isn't sailing around on his multimillion dollar yacht, Cocktails, that costs, according to the Tampa Bay Times $100,000 to gas up. Funny that Republicans, the party of the privileged and wealthy, seem outraged by this stuff.

In 1998, the Miami Herald Called Tom [Murphy] The “Builder Du Jour Of The Rich And Famous In South Florida” And Reported That He Was “Raking In A Torrent Of Money Flowing From Wall Street, Europe And South America As Wealthy People Worldwide Come In To [South Florida To] Build Their Dream Homes.” “The silver shone on starched-white napkins at Monty’s at the Miami Beach Marina. The china plates reflected scores of joyous faces-- of carpenters, plumbers, masons and roofers-- dining with one of the world’s richest women, Oprah Winfrey. It was a banquet celebrating the successful renovation of Winfrey’s multimillion-dollar Fisher Island condo. Delighted with her new digs, Winfrey had served up praise and a 4-course feast to all who had worked on her home. And Tom Murphy Jr., the 49-year-old builder who oversaw the 11 months of work, thought it couldn’t get much better. He was wrong. Winfrey called upon him again-- to renovate another Fisher Island condo. Other wealthy clients have followed, including a Swiss media mogul who paid $2.9 million to tear down the manse of ex-CenTrust Chairman David Paul so he could build his own 18,000-square-foot villa on La Gorce Island. In less than a decade, Murphy has become the builder du jour of the rich and famous in South Florida. His clients are on anyone’s ‘A’ list: Sylvester Stallone, Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford, Dan Marino, Jimmy Johnson, Don Shula, Raymond Floyd and, of course, the woman everyone calls Oprah. And that’s not counting the five lesser-known billionaires and dozens of multimillionaires who have relied on Murphy’s Coastal Construction to build their dream homes, from the Keys to Palm Beach. …[Murphy] is raking in a torrent of money flowing from Wall Street, Europe and South America as wealthy people worldwide come in to build their dream homes. His business has been buoyed by the red-hot image of an area that’s attracting more and more wealthy celebrities. ‘What you see is South Florida coming of age,’ Murphy said.” (Donna Gehrke-White, “Super-Rich Appreciate Builder’s Golden Touch,” the Miami Herald, 4/26/98)

Patrick Murphy Grew Up Living At Key Largo’s Ocean Reef Club, Which South Florida CEO Called “One Of The Poshest Private Clubs Anywhere In The World.” “‘To know Tom Murphy is to like him,’ says Harper Sibley, the man who founded Key Largo’s Ocean Reef Club, one of the poshest private clubs anywhere in the world-- 5,000 acres with three golf courses, three marinas, 11 restaurants and a private airport. Sibley took an immediate liking to Murphy when he met him back in the mid 1970s-- such a liking that Sibley gave Murphy virtually every project for the club over the course of more than 15 years, better than $100 million in work. Then, like now, Murphy moved into the community he was building. . . . In retrospect, Murphy looks back on Ocean Reef as his proudest accomplishment. He lived there from 1977 to 1993, raising his three boys and building virtually every public structure and about a quarter of the homes.” (J.P. Faber, “Murphy’s Law,” South Florida CEO, 3/1/04)

By Age 17, Patrick Murphy Was Living At His Family’s 8,000-Square Foot French-Influenced Mansion Near Coral Gables, Which Featured A Scallop-Edged Pool, A Turret, Parisian Crystal Chandeliers, And A 350-Year Old French Tapestry. To appreciate the details of Tom and Leslie Murphy’s home, check out the stone floor. See the ridges? All hand-chipped. Took two guys three months to do it. Notice how the Saturnia stones-- cut in squares and rectangles-- are set in perfect symmetry? The Murphys got the idea from the great houses of France, one of their favorite places to visit. Murphy, 51, also tapped into his enviable client list for ideas. …The Murphys wanted their home equipped with not only the latest techno-gizmos, but to reflect their two passions: Europe and South Florida. “I like the Louvre-- the art of the building as well as the paintings-- and I like Versailles and the great estates of Europe,” Murphy said. “We wanted our house to be very European with tropical touches.” The result: An almost 8,000-square foot stone-and-stucco spread near southern Coral Gables. It has a turret, a circular stairway, a carved wood mantle, an antique Bacchus fountainhead, a 350-year-old French tapestry, Parisian crystal chandeliers and Florida cypress ceilings. …The Murphys’ third child, Erin [Patrick's actual name before he changed it to get into politics], 17, lives with them. . . . Ferns overflow in the front; native palms in the back. But true to their love of European style, the Murphys kept their back gardens formal, with the scalloped-edged pool the focal point, surrounded by four large Canary Island date palms.” (Donna Gehrke-White, “Borrowing From The Rich,” the Miami Herald, 4/9/00)

...South Florida CEO Reported Patrick, Who Was Then 20, Attended A Sunday Afternoon Polo Match On Fisher Island At Tom’s Request. “On a recent Sunday afternoon, Murphy had the family clan assembled for an exhibition polo match. Sundays are usually family days, but this one was special; Coastal was sponsoring one of the two polo teams, fielded against a team sponsored by the Potamkin family. Tents filled with food and linen-covered tables lined one side of a field, golf carts and chairs lined the other, while polo ponies galloped across the lawn, their riders swinging mallets to whack a thick red ball toward one of the goals. ‘To tell you the truth, I don’t know a lot about this game,’ Murphy said as he followed the action. ‘But I like the horses. And it’s fun.’ Murphy is also among a sea of family and friends, including his three sons, all soaring over his 6-foot frame, his wife Leslie, his brother John and his wife, their mother, and assorted grandkids, cousins and nephews. Seeing Murphy with his three strapping sons reminds one of the cast of Bonanza, with Tom as Lorne Greene and Tom, Sean and Erin as Adam, Hoss and Little Joe.” (J.P. Faber, “Murphy’s Law,” South Florida CEO, 3/1/04)

...In 2012, The New York Times Deemed Fisher Island-- Which Also Had A Security Force And A Russian Caviar Market-- A “Privileged Outpost” And Noted That Forbes Ranked It The Richest Community In The U.S. “For all the legal uncertainty, Fisher Island remains a privileged outpost. Forbes named it the richest community in the country in 2011, saying its residents had an average net worth of $57.2 million, based on taxpayers making at least $200,000 a year. …Residents covet its privacy and security. The island is accessible only by ferry, which takes seven minutes from Miami Beach. The security force of about 50 requires residents to provide a password to allow outsiders to come onto the island, said Jill Eber, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker who lives here. There is also a 24-hour marine patrol to prevent intruders from entering. … An aviary on the island houses about a dozen species of birds. A gourmet market sells Russian caviar. The island’s day school charges $26,000 a year for tuition and requires children as young as 2 years old to learn Mandarin and Spanish.” (Alexei Barrionuevo, “A Gilded Island, Swirling With Intrigue,” the New York Times, 12/27/12)

Tom Murphy Said The Island Had The “Best Moat In The World.” “‘We have the best moat in the world,’ said Tom Murphy Jr., a resident and chief executive of the Coastal Construction Group.” (Alexei Barrionuevo, “A Gilded Island, Swirling With Intrigue,” the New York Times, 12/27/12)

Murphy Attended The Elite Lawrenceville School In New Jersey For A “Post-Graduate Year.” “By his senior year, Murphy said he was in conversations to play baseball at the University of Miami and a few other schools. But instead, he opted to take a ‘post-graduate year’ after graduating from Palmer Trinity. Murphy went to the elite Lawrenceville School in New Jersey in 2001-02, where tuition, room and board this year is about $58,000 a year. ‘I didn’t know which sport I wanted to play in college,’ he said. ‘So Lawrenceville gave me another opportunity to play sports another year, take my SATs again, get a great educational experience.’” (Kristen Clark, “Patrick Murphy Aims His Youthful Political Exuberance At U.S. Senate Seat,” the Miami Herald, 6/3/16)

In December 2014, Patrick E. Murphy Bought A Condo At The Admiral At Jupiter Yacht Club For $975,000. (Palm Beach County Property Appraiser, Accessed 6/10/16)

“The Jupiter Yacht Club Is Perfect For The Avid Yachtsman” (, Accessed 6/10/16)

“The Admiral At Jupiter Yacht Club Is A Gated Community With Roving Security Around The Clock. There are many benefits to residing in Jupiter Yacht Club. The location is like none other and gives resident’s access to the JYC Marina, Riverwalk, and fabulous selections of restaurants and shopping on site. Nightlife can be experienced at the Dive Bar overlooking the Marina. Also within walking distance is the Jupiter 18 movie theatre. Besides restaurants, a large selection of beaches including Carlin Park Public Beach, the Jupiter Inlet Light house landmark and an array of fishing, kayaking, scuba diving and jet skiing water sports are just minutes away.” (, Accessed 6/10/16)

Coastal Construction Built The Yacht Club That Patrick Murphy Now Lives In. “Previous projects for Coastal Condominiums include the Deering Bay Yacht & Country Club, Jupiter Yacht Club, Bayview VIII at Fisher Island and Excelsior.” (Brian Salgado, “Serving Florida’s Elite: Coastal Construction Serves Clients Throughout The Sunshine State,” Construction Today, 4/1/09)
People always compare Patrick Murphy to Thurston Howell III, but that just means they missed the episode when Gilligan became G. Hurston Howell IV.

Goal Thermometer The Republican Party has been having it's fun with Patrick Murphy-- as in the video below-- but there is no other Democratic candidate for Senate, no matter how bad who they could run a video like this for. The ultimate irony, of course, is that two crooked career politicians and Wall Street whores like Chuck Schumerand Harry Reid, in their mad and insane bid to move Thurston Howell IV into the Senate and going full steam ahead in trying to destroy the career of Congress' most effective progressive, Alan Grayson, who will face off against Murphy in the August 30 Florida Democratic Party primary. Please consider contributing what you can to Grayson's grassroots campaign (on the right) so he can get his message out in a market saturated with advertising not just from Hillary and Trumpy the Clown but from the banksters who have pumped more money into Patrick Murphy's campaign than into the campaign of anyone-- from either party-- running for the Senate who isn't already an incumbent-- and more than they're spending on many incumbents even proven allies in jeopardy like North Carolina bankster buddy Richard Burr. This is where the Financial Sector is putting its cash in 2016. A dozen Senate candidates the banksters are counting on this cycle:
Marco Rubio (R-FL)- $6,247,905 (includes aborted presidential campaign)
Chuck Schumer (D-NY)- $4,176,481
Rob Portman (R-OH)- $2,551,940
Pat Toomey (R-PA)- $2,193,187
Michael Bennet (D-CO)- $1,940,723
Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)- $1,825,066
Richard Shelby (R-AL)- $1,796,946
Ron Wyden (D-OR)- $1,536,770
Patrick Murphy (?-FL)- $1,413,950
Ron Johnson (R-WI)- $1,360,536
Mark Kirk (R-IL)- $1,231,085
Richard Burr (R-NC)- $1,210,100

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