Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Florida-- Fast-Times Paradise?


Blue America is going to start running the above video as a Google ad everywhere in Florida tomorrow. A generous Alan Grayson admirer gave us $9,000 for the campaign and we'll keep running it 'til the money runs out. If you like it and want to stay up on Google, please consider making a contribution at out I.E. committee here. You what's even better, though? Do you have a relative or a friend in Florida? Call her or him and talk about the Alan Grayson campaign for the Senate. It actually is more meaningful than a financial contribution!

I'm not as worried about Grayson's ability to beat Marco Rubio in a progressive versus conservative battle of ideas. But before Grayson can engage Rubio, he has to get through the corrupt, Wall Street-besotted Democratic establishment that has opposed his entire career. Today Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and the banksters are running the ugliest smear campaign anywhere in the country, not against Trump or any Republican, but against Grayson, the most outstanding progressve icon in the House of Representatives. They have an unaccomplished twit, lifelong Republican masquerading as a Democrat, Patrick Murphy, as their candidate. Yesterday Grayson gave his supporters a campaign update that speaks volumes to what's wrong with the Democratic Party:
You probably get the same nonsense e-mails from the Democratic Party as I do-- touting nonexistent matching contributions, fake fundraising goals, feigned intimacy, faux indignation, etc. Until now, I could live with all that, because I always thought of the Democratic Party as a force for good. But now there is this whole new thing, this new Big Lie.

The dictators who have seized the machinery of the Democratic Party are raising money from Democrats and spending it to defeat a Democrat. Namely me.

Oh, they’ll screech in their e-mails about how much they’re concerned about Donald Trump’s election, or the Koch Brothers’ dirty money, or whatever. They beg relentlessly for us to contribute to them, lest we open the seventh seal and usher in the apocalypse.

Well, they’re bearing false witness. And if Judgment Day ever does come, they surely will go straight to hell.

One of these so-called Democratic groups, the Church of Senator Harry Reid (otherwise known as the Senate Majority PAC) is spending $1 million against our campaign, less than two months before our primary election. They are taking our blue money, under the false pretense of helping Democrats, and instead using it to defeat a member of our own party!

Why me? Because I am unbought, unbossed, and unwilling to worship their Wall Street idols. Because my flock is The People-- citizens who believe in democratic government free from special interests and corruption, where our leaders are chosen by us, not dictated by the Establishment.

What’s at stake now in our election? Democracy itself. And an opportunity to take back our Party from the corrupt bag-men who have stolen it from us.
Grayson's as good as it gets. And Rubio has clearly been one terrible freshman Senator. But Patrick Murphy is... just nothing at all-- a sieve for his campaign donors-- his Trump-like, greed-driven Republican father, the Saudi government, and, most of all, Wall Street banksters and payday lenders.
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On our first day up, 197,848 Floridians saw the ad and 20.62% of them watched it all the way through. Those numbers are astounding.

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At 10:16 PM, Blogger Jan said...

re:Schumer & Reid
These guys are both on their way out. They could use this time to do what they entered politics to do in the first place. But once you sell your integrity it gets easier to do it again and harder to buy it back.

At 12:53 AM, Anonymous Precambrian Rabbit said...

But does Grayson have a chance against Murphy in the primary? I'm willing to donate if he's within striking distance, but not if it's hopeless. Also, we know he's got personal wealth and I'd hope he's investing a decent chunk of that in this primary as well.

At 4:09 AM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Precambrian Rabbit, get out your credit card. The latest internal polling shows Grayson substantially ahead and with momentum. Murphy's negative are through the roof and he has nothing positive to offer votes in response.

At 4:40 AM, Blogger Sathya G said...

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At 8:19 AM, Anonymous Michael Froomkin said...

This ad speaks to insiders and high information voters. I doubt it has a prayer of moving the needle for regular folks. If this is what we've got, we're doomed.

At 5:44 PM, Blogger Mark O'Dochartaigh said...

Alan Grayson is great and absolutely has a good chance against Murphy and a better chance against rubio. I live in Naples and have volunteered for Bernie and Grayson. Even in a red area, a surprisingly large number of people are open to "outsider" candidates. I like the ad too.


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